Tony Hawk Birthed My Blog

Tony Hawk - the father of my blog

Tony Hawk - the father of my blog

Not in a weird, gross way, but it’s a great story. Tony Hawk, skateboarder extraordianire, and Stacy DeBroff of Mom Central got together, our friend Neil provided the wine, and my blog was born. Here’s the story:

I got asked to go to Tony Hawk, Inc. to preview the awesome new video game, Tony Hawk RIDE. I was asked to do this because I have a great new job with Mom Central. (That’s a story for another post.) Anyway, Stacy asked me if I would represent Mom Central at the Tony Hawk RIDE event. Will I ever!!! I’m there!

The reason I say Neil provided the wine is that Neil works with Activision who made the game for Tony Hawk. He told Activision they should call Mom Central and get them on board.

Stacy suggested I create a blog about all things Calandro and start off by blogging about the great weekend I’m about to have with Tony Hawk.

There. That’s how this blog was born. See? Not creepy. Not weird. Just one more great story in the Calandro archives. And it all starts here.

Stay tuned.

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