The Calandro Clan Credo

Loving the Calandro Clan

Loving the Calandro Clan

I wrote a post on our other blog about the rules of the Calandro Clan. That post was months ago, but our rules haven’t changed, so they must be good. I felt compelled to share them here because they tell you a lot about me and how we Calandros operate. We have five rules (which I like because there are five members in our family) and, of course, a bonus rule because there’s always room for more. 

#1 Be kind to everyone.
We live in a small town and if you’ve been here long enough, which we have, everyone is connected by only two degrees of separation, as opposed to the usual six. Everyone is connected to everyone, so let’s keep it clean, folks.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way, it is usually an unexpected surprise for the recipient, and it’s free. Free is good. (Not a credo, but we say that a lot.)
#2 Do the right thing.
 This credo can get tricky. Sometimes the right thing isn’t what we want to do AT ALL, but it is the right thing to do, so we do it. Period. Sometimes the right thing to do is right for the Calandro Clan, but not for others, and people get disappointed. Weighing out who gets to be right is the tricky part. Rest assured, if we’re doing something, we feel it is right for the most important people involved in the situation, and we know we are not always the most important people.
#3 Respect.
This simple word encompasses a multitude of things. Respect people, family, children, the earth, animals, where people are coming from, honorable professions, time, energy, resources, talents. The list goes on. We will begin in a relationship with respect, but this must be maintained. We are nice, but we are not doormats. Respect is given by us, but it is also earned and maintained over time.
#4 Help.
 “What can we do to help?” We try to have this be the first thing we say when there is a celebration, a terrible situation, or anything in-between. In return, our family and friends are some of the most generous people on the planet. We give to them, they give to us.
#5 Contribute.
 This sounds similar to #4, but it is different in a way. We contribute by the professions we have chosen and we believe our jobs should provide more than just a paycheck. We feel we have been so fortunate and blessed in our lives and we try to give back in any way we can. We work to “pay it forward”. If we can’t contribute money to a cause, we contribute time, which is priceless. We contribute to our community because we love it. We contribute to our schools because knowledge is power. We contribute as much time and energy as we can to our children and family because at the end of the day, we are all we have.
#6 (The Bonus Rule) Create fun and adventure.
And be ready for it. Adventure can come knocking any day, at any time. Being a member of the Calandro Clan is a wild ride, mostly by our own invention, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So there’s the Calandro Clan Credo. Of course, it is subject to change as we do, but it has gotten us this far and seems to work really well. Do we expect everyone to live by these rules? No way. We know how crazy we are. This list is all ours.

What rules do you live by? Do you have a credo? Is it working for you? How do you feel when it is challenged? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Stretch Mark Mama

    I love the one about “contribute.” Hubs has chosen his current occupation based on many things, but one reason being he wants to live a life where his kids see him contributing to a greater cause, and not just collecting money in a bank. Not that money’s bad, mind you. :) And it is a priority for me to get involved in the community versus simply holing up at home (which would be a tendency of mine.)

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  3. BusyDad

    EXCELLENT rules to live by. Our rules are very similar – we have them written on a whiteboard in Fury’s room. Respect is the most important one, and pretty much steers you in the direction of all other things, if you think about it. My personal rule has always been “be nice.” But like you mentioned, not a doormat. Being tactful and diplomatic helps in the no doormat policy so you don’t seem like a jerk when you say no.

    I love that heart picture. Your kids are awesome!

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