One More RIDE

Yes, I’m going to talk about this one more time: The Tony Hawk RIDE game is awesome, you want to buy it, your kids want you to buy it, and you will want to play with it even after your kids go to bed. Don’t believe me? Some of the other bloggers who went with me to meet Tony Hawk felt the same way I did. Here’s some footage of what they had to say about the game.(Oh, and I’m in there, too!)


Thanks to PiperofLove I also have a photo of me being interviewed by the crew that created this video. Nothing like a little “behind the scenes” action! (I love that kind of stuff.) Notice my right foot -I rock back and forth on my heel when I’m anxious about something. I won’t lie to you -that whole filming set-up was a little intimidating! But I played it off in the footage, didn’t I? See? My “nervous foot” thing works!


Who me? Nervous?

Who me? Nervous?

I felt so lucky to be there and play the game with Tony and the other bloggers. It was a weekend my sons and I will never forget. One of the benefits of going to this retreat was I will receive a copy of Tony Hawk RIDE when it is released on November 17. (Yes, we’re counting the days!)

I was so impressed with Tony Hawk, his friends and colleagues, Activision, Ketchum and the entire weekend that I donated $130.00 to the Tony Hawk Foundation. I calculated this to be the amount I would have spent on the game, including tax, if I had to purchase the game on my own.

I would have bought this game for my family if I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a copy of it. I figured I may as well give back to the organization founded by the man who gave me the ride of my life. One more time: thank you, Tony and everyone who made this event possible. To learn more about the incredible Tony Hawk Foundation and how they are changing the world one skatepark at a time, go to

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