A Star Wars Thanksgiving

This little guy is the first thing you think about at Thanksgiving, right?

This little guy is the first thing you think about at Thanksgiving, right?

So here’s how the conversation went at dinner tonight:

Our four-year-old son, M3, wanted to talk about his Thanksgiving performance that he has been practicing at his preschool. I had no idea he was even having a performance, so I was excited to hear him share the story. It started off really well, “We are going to wear black pants. Like Daddy pants for work. And a black shirt. With a thing here (points to his neck), but not a tie like a Daddy tie. It’s different. Maybe we will wear a white shirt. I don’t know. And then we line up and we talk about turkey and then….” We all really wanted to hear what he had to say -and he knew it. He was a contributor to the family discussion at dinner! What he was saying made sense! It was interesting! He was sharing about his day like his big brothers! He had an audience and to M3, audiences are supposed to laugh, not just listen intently. This is exactly where the whole thing went south. “And then R2D2 comes in! And then there’s C3PO. And then it’s Star Wars and we all have lightsabers and then we duel and there’s a Death Star….”

I can’t even hear what he is saying anymore because his brothers are laughing so hard they look like they may wet themselves. Yelling at M3, “There’s no R2D2 at the first Thanksgiving! There weren’t even any movies then!” and on and on. Laughing and laughing.

I tried to reign them back in. I wanted M3 to finish telling about his day. It was no use. And then I started laughing, too. We laughed and laughed until we sighed because the laughing had gone completely through us. John and I wiped the tears out of our eyes. 

I still have no clue about his Thanksgving performance, other than he will be wearing black pants -“Daddy work pants”. And I know for sure R2D2 won’t be there. But I know as I watch that Thanksgiving performance, like the one that parents across this country will watch this month, I will think of Star Wars. I will think of how hard my son made us all laugh at the absurd idea of a robot eating turkey. And I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful I get to sit around the table at dinner with a family that has fun together, that gets silly together, that enjoys making others laugh so hard they may need a change of clothing. A family with three boys who have the luxury of believing, at the end of the day, it all really comes down to Star Wars.

The other preschool parents should be thankful my son will be at the performance sans lightsaber. What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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  1. BusyDad

    Well, that’s how *I* would celebrate Thanksgiving! May the Force and Good Tidings Be With You.

    1. CalandroClan (Post author)

      Thanks so much and Good Tidings to you and yours, as well. Seems you have a lot to be thankful for this year! Much happiness to you this holiday season. You deserve it ALL!

  2. jeffbo

    Great read! thx

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