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My favorite necklace from my childhood: R2D2

My favorite necklace from my childhood: R2D2

Here’s a photo of the necklace I wore this year on Thanksgiving. Yes, I still own my R2D2 necklace that was sold by Avon in 1977. (Don’t judge me!) My mom got it for me when I was nine (do the math) and I wore it faithfully for months because I wanted the force to be with me…always. But my utter Star Wars geek-dom is not the subject of this post. The luxury of wearing this necklace is.

I hosted Thanksgiving this year. I’m pretty sure it happened because I had a conversation with my neighbor about being perfectly happy about NEVER wanting to host Thanksgiving ever again in my life. The Gods must have heard me. And we all know what they do. They laugh at my never-wants. Because my never-wants are the quickest ticket to that exact thing happening. That’s why I drive a white minivan -and like it. That was a never-want in my twenties. See?

Anyway, In my last post I write about the conversation that tied Star Wars in with Thanksgiving. M3 was talking about his Thanksgiving performance at school, turned the conversation on a dime and, suddenly, he was telling us his performance was going to have lightsabers and R2D2 in it. That’s kind of how life is for the Calandro Clan. We never know what a day might bring us and we like it that way. Usually.

I hosted Thanksgiving because we got some bad news for our family. LOML’s 96 year old Grandma Calandro passed away the Friday before Thanksgiving. His parents flew to Michigan to tend to things and as of this post, still aren’t home. We were supposed to go to his parents for Thanksgiving, so when his Grandma passed away, we were suddenly stranded. We offered to host and my in-laws lovingly trusted their holiday to us. I haven’s hosted Thanksgiving since I was 26. And remember? I had just said I NEVER WANTED TO. That’s how I won my first class ticket to never-land.

The meal was terrific and everyone had a great time. We toasted to the “absent members” as my family always does (that’s a story for another post, but you get the idea), played Rock Band, ate too much, and played Apples to Apples which is one of the most hysterical games a group of people can play. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, given the circumstances under which we gathered at our house instead of where we were supposed to be.

And I wore the necklace. I wore it because of my earlier post. I wore it because it made me smile. Most of all I wore it because it reminded me that life’s plans can shift at any moment, just like the story M3 told at dinner. But if you hold on to the things that are truly important (the things you love: family, and even Star Wars) things will turn out okay. Maybe not as you planned, and maybe with a big plate of turkey with some never on the side, but it all comes out okay in the end.

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