Jeff and Cathy’s Credo

Here's my guest blogger, Cathy, and her husband, Jeff. They are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

Here's my guest blogger, Cathy, and her husband, Jeff. They are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

My sister-in-law took the time to write this terrific comment after reading the Calandro Clan Credo. I think it deserves to be counted as it’s own post, not just as a comment. So, here is my first guest blogger: Cathy, my fabulous sister-in-law. She doesn’t have a blog -yet, but there may be one in her future. I think she’s a natural! Thank you, Cathy, for this wonderful contribution!

Jeff and Cathy’s rules for a good life (in Ocean Beach):

#1 Be Accepting of Others
We live in Ocean Beach, a town that encompasses all walks of life, is extremely liberal and caters to the homeless and less fortunate. In contrast, some of the wealthiest people own multi-million dollar homes in this small community. When you live in Ocean Beach, you experience the good, the bad and the ugly but that’s what makes it so beautiful and special. Friendliness is a way of life in Ocean Beach and accepting each person’s differences is why we choose to live here. If you think might offend someone by what you are saying, wait until you get home to say it. Being kind is more important than being right.

#2 Be Grateful
With spectacular sunsets, beautiful year-round weather, palm trees and gorgeous friendly people around you it’s hard not to be grateful every day. We walk in to town, walk the dog, walk to dinner, walk to get a cup of coffee or a beer; we are so blessed that we can walk and we can walk to places that make us happy. Yes indeed we are grateful!

#3 Respect the environment & those that live in it
Pick up your dogs poop, please! Respecting the environment means a lot of things but understanding that we are each responsible for our own waste and our animals makes a big difference. Respect each other’s differences, each person’s right to their own opinions, their dress code, their accent, their customs, their language and their need for attention. Respect can diminish when it is considered your right and not something you earn.

#4 Be Generous
Give your server a good tip even if she or he didn’t give you the best service. Keep in mind that generosity does not have a price tag. Give to the animal shelter, to the rescue mission, to your friends walking for cancer. Give compliments, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to bend. Give a gift basket or a dog treat. Give in when you want to be right. Give an apology and give hugs!

#5 Be Passionate
Be sexy and funny and loving and cool! Dress up, dress down or go naked. Make dinner, make drinks, make music, make a cake, make reservations. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR (after all I do live in Ocean Beach!)

So there’s the Jeff and Cathy rules for a good life. Admittedly some days are harder than others and these rules get broken but overall we try our best; that’s all we can really do right?
Love each other and find a way to work less and live more!

Buddy’s Mom

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