A Poopy Resolution

I planned for this post to be about the dogs that poop on my lawn and the owners who don’t clean up after them. This happens several times a week and is a serious pet peeve of mine. (Absolutely no pun intended.) 

I came back from my morning run today and found more dog poop on my lawn. By the time it took me to walk from our front lawn to our kitchen I resolved to set up a spy cam, discover the offending neighbors, and seek my revenge in creative and destructive ways. I was going to declare war on these individuals and their pets, giving them fair warning by posting my plan here on calandroclan.com for all three of my faithful readers to witness. And then, in true Calandro Clan fashion, something happened that threw a curve in the way of this perfect, evil resolution:

I entered the kitchen ranting about the poop, my LOML waits for me to take a breath and tells me a good friends’ relative passed away suddenly. Serious. Reality. Check. The person was our age, had no signs of any health problems and now is gone. Massive heart attack. Our friends have now had their lives turned upside-down and smashed into a million pieces. I know what this feels like. My Dad and my Uncle both died suddenly. One minute here. Next minute gone.

And I was going to go on and on about poop. What’s ironic is these friends gave me a “No Poop Zone” sign for my front lawn because they know how much I despise inconsiderate people letting their dogs use my lawn for a toilet. That’s the kind of friends these folks are. They felt my pain. Now I feel theirs. I wish my reality check didn’t have to be from them. I wish they didn’t have to wake up and feel like they had been hit over the head with a hammer. They are such wonderful, fun, generous people (of course, because they are our friends and our friends are the best) and my heart aches for their loss.

So here’s where this post ends up: forget about the poop -whether it be real poop that’s on your lawn or figurative poop you have to deal with at the holidays. Focus on what’s important. Be mindful of your blessings: your health, your family, your friends, or whatever you count as something to be thankful for -even napping children (because isn’t that just fantastic this time of year? I miss those days). Things can stink at times and make a mess, but life is messy. And life can be clean and gorgeous, too, filled with moments and snippets so beautiful you could cry. Find those moments and cherish them because everything can change in ways you never would expect. I wish peace and blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

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  1. CalandroClan (Post author)

    Feel free to quote me and tweet me and whatever. If I had wanted my rants to be quiet and private I would have hired a therapist. Quote away!


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