Two Truths and a Lie 3 (Girlfriend Adventures Edition)

After being featured on for her podcast about family friendly humor blogs, I had to keep that momentum going!!! (Thanks so much to her and the fabulous Martha Van of for suggesting me to Jen.)

So here’s another round of Two Truths and a Lie – the Girlfriend Adventures Edition:

I have one girlfriend who is the yin to my yang. She’s organized (me: not so much). She dusts her house (nope). She irons (me: only when it looks like I slept in it). Her house is always in order (you know that show Clean House? I’m like one week of not doing laundry away from that show) And she would NEVER dream of making an idiot of herself in public (you should already know what goes in these parentheses). Anyway, this friend of mine loves to think up wild antics for me to do when we are together. And I love to do them because she is a FABULOUS audience and she buys me drinks and pays for dinner when I do them. (Yes, I’m shameless and motivated by free food and alcohol -really bad combination.)

So here are Two Truths and a Lie from antics with my Girlfriend (thank goodness we don’t go away together very often!)

1. I dove off the stern of Nicolas Cage’s boat.

2. I danced in a cage in a bar in Puerta Vallarta.

3. I performed a synchronized swimming routine in the pool at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

There they are. One of these statements is a lie. Take your best guess and thanks so much for seeing what’s up with me and the Calandro Clan!

Comments (4)

  1. Jmac

    I’ll say #1 just because I would be jealous!!!

  2. Bish

    I don’t want to break my winning streak but this one is hard. I have to go with #3 is the lie.

  3. Diller

    I think that you are capable of all of these, but have to go with #2. Style points to you if this turns out to be true!

  4. Texasholly

    Hmmmm…I am new around here, but my guess is #3.


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