Two Truths and a Lie (3 Answer -Girlfriend Adventures Edition)

I love my Grilfriend, and my Girlfriend loves (to make a fool out of) me.

I love my Grilfriend, and my Girlfriend loves (to make a fool out of) me.

Settle in for story time once again with the Calandro Clan. Here come the answers to round 3 of TTAAL (Grilfriend Adventures Edition) and thanks to everyone who took a chance and took a guess!

1. FALSE (Sort of) I did NOT dive off the stern of Nicolas Cage’s boat. I did ,however, go on his boat and drink out of his Baccarat crystal glasses! How did this happen? So glad you asked. My Girlfriend and I were in a resort in Puerta Vallarta and Nicolas Cage’s boat was docked there. He wasn’t there, he had left, but his crew was still there and were in charge of sailing his yacht back up to California. We met the Captain and the chef in the bar, got to know them, and they invited us to the boat if we SWORE we wouldn’t tell anyone in the resort who’s boat it was. Okay!! We got a tour of the yacht, saw his cowboy hat on the hat stand (we were NOT allowed to touch it), saw the kitchen (it’sbigger than mine at home) and touched the Versacci ashtrays (I checked the label on the bottom -I know, I’m classy!) So, I didn’t dive off, but we hung out on the stern, had some cocktails, and had a great time. Thanks, Mr. Cage -you may not own that yacht anymore. I’m sorry you are having financial struggles. That’s not easy for anyone, I don’t care who you are.

2. TRUE Same trip, different bar: Girlfriend and I went in for a drink in the early evening, and the place was nearly deserted. This gave Grilfriend a great idea! Let’s liven up the place by Eileen dancing in the cage that was up on stage! Ummm, no. Well, not so much “no”, as “not yet”. She knew what to do: she begged, pleaded, and promised to buy me dinner and drinks. I love to make this girl laugh, and I love free stuff, so the deal was made. I had to dance in the cage for a designated amount of time (I forget how long). No chance of quick-in, turn around, quick-out. She’s too smart for that and we have been doing this stuff together for way too long. She’s no dummy: she sets down rules. A great song came on, I hopped in, was joined by another guy in the bar (thankfully, good looking and a good dancer) and Girlfriend proceeded to LIE ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME HAD PASSED. She had me dancing in there for way longer than I needed to be. I should know better by now. Dummy.

3. Obviously, that makes this TRUE. It was Grilfriend’s 40th birthday so we went to Vegas with a bunch of girls to celebrate. We were hanging out in the hotel room waiting to go out for the evening, trying to think of what to do for about an hour. Girlfriend looks down at the pool and gets a wild idea: Eileen should go down there and perform a synchronized swimming routine for everyone to enjoy! Oh, you need to know, this was in JANUARY and there was ICE on the pool deck and no one was in the pool. Once again, she promises dinner if I  make an idiot out of myself. I accept, and the parameters are established: I had to swim to middle of the pool where I would perform a routine that consisted of turns, spins, surface dives, and arm waving. Then I had to swim to the other side where I would spell out her name using my body, YMCA style, while singing happy birthday to her at the top of my lungs. Lastly, I had to take a bow and blow kisses in the direction of our hotel window. No problem! I performed the task flawlessly, even enlisting the help of the lifeguard on duty to spell out her name. When I victoriously returned to our room I was greeted with cheers, high-fives, and a victory tunnel with a cosmo waiting for me at the end.

This post was created to honor my Girlfriend, one of the best friends a woman could have. We remembered all these fun times as we were trying to laugh while we were worried sick about her fabulous husband. Thankfully, he is recovering beautifully from his emergency brain surgery. Thank you for playing along and thanks, Girlfriend, for some of the wildest adventures in my collection.

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  1. Jmac

    very cool stories! possibly going to PV in march to do some sailboat races. will look out for Nic’s boat!! glad to hear your friend is well!

  2. cw

    oooo i love this. thanks for getting me back in to reading again. i missed it :)


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