Find! That! Smell!

Ewww! What's that smell?!?

I have to play this game way too often in my house and in my car. It happened again this morning. I got in my van (Yes, I drive a white minivan -Jealous?) and was immediately hit with round one of the game: Ugh! What stinks?!? Actually this game used to happen a lot more often when M3 was littler and I would perpetually drive around with sippy cups in my car -you know those things are ticking stink bombs.

Anyway, a smell was in my car. Time for round two of the game: Open up the windows. Let the air out. Maybe someone did something as they were getting into the car that followed them in there. You know exactly what I mean. And you know it can follow you unless you wait for the allotted seventeen seconds. It’s TRUE! Try it.

If I roll the windows back up and the smell is still there, it’s time for Round Three: Ask the kids what they left in here. Sometimes M2 will leave something in the back that is just scary and starts a life of its own, creating a smell to go along with it. Other times it can be a wet towel from the beach that is stashed behind a seat or in the back. This interrogation investigation can take the entire drive to school.

When the blame can’t be placed we still can’t Find! That! Smell! I have to resort to cleaning out my car. So that’s what it usually takes. That’s what will finally get me to clean out “the black hole”, “my office”, or the “laundry pile on wheels” as I have called my van in the past. My brother-in-law once said I would never have to worry about being stranded if my car broke down in a remote area. I had enough supplies laying around the floor of my van to last me at least a week. I didn’t punch him. That’s love.

What was the smell? Hard to say. It may have been the dirty socks I found wadded up under the seat. It may have been the Jamba Juice container that had been sitting in the back seat cup holder since the time Jamba Juice was called Juice Club (look it up). Or it could have been the travel mug filled with coffee and cream that is needed to get me through these thrillingly fabulous ridiculously hectic days. Now, at least, my car is clean. Nice to know that it will last for about 7.4 minutes.

Tune in next time when we will play the latest, greatest Calandro Clan game show of Fill In The Blank! Here’s an example: “If you don’t stop jumping on the furniture I’m going to ___________”.

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  1. Vince Halter

    If you don’t stop jumping on the furniture, I’m going to (oh my gosh, this is so hard…Kevin say’s he’s going to call their teacher…I never really understood that. Does he frequently talk with the kids’ teachers? I don’t think it’s send them to their room, because you don’t want their room to be viewed as a punishment. I have been thinking for like 5 minutes now…I’m going to say…) send you out side with a jumprope.


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