It’s Good to Live in HD3D

You'd grin like this, too, if an HD3D truck pulled up in front of your house!

We always say, with Panasonic, it’s good to LiHD (Live in High Definition). Now it’s going to be good to Live in HD3D. That’s right, High Definition 3D technology is coming to your very own home television.

The truck unfolds like a Transformer! It's amazing!

We got the full HD3D experience when the Panasonic HD3D truck pulled up to our houseto surprise our Calandro Christmas Crazy Party guests. This portable movie theater is contained in a semi-truck and to witness it unfold and be assembled is to witness engineering genius.We were shocked at what this little vehicle contained! The sides accordioned out, supports were placed, everything was checked for levelling, a ramp was attached and voila! A full HD3D movie theater was parked in front of our house. We loved it, our guests loved it, and the 3D images were absolutely beautiful.

The picture clarity and the footage we saw on the screen was unlike anything I had witnessed. We wore 3D glasses, but it didn’t matter. I was so enthralled with what I was seeing on the screen, I didn’t care. I wear sunglasses every minute I’m outside. Wearing glasses to see a movie didn’t bother me. The footage of the summer Olympics was breathtaking. It was as good as being there -without the lines, crowds, poor air-quality, and airline travel. 

Today Panasonic will start selling the HD3D television sets. I have two words to say: get one. If you can afford it and you can get your hands on one, you will not be disappointed. If you can’t afford to buy one, go to a city where these amazing trucks are travelling around our nation so you can experience it for yourself. It would be worth you time. This HD3D technology will change the way we watch television in our homes forever.

*This post was originally published on Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

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