Hang Four Gets Four Thumbs Up

M2 wins the game!

M2 and I just finished playing a game that he got for his birthday called Hang Four~The Ruff Surfin’ Card Game by Gamewright. We decided to write this review together because we had so much fun playing this game.

M2 excitedly gushes about the game: “We had so much fun we would give that game four thumbs up. It is the best game that I ever played! It’s awesome because you get to do really fun things with it. You collect three Surf Deck cards to make a surfboard. The Shack cards make the game extra fun. With these cards you can steal incomplete surfboards from people. You can swipe sand dollars. You can lose your cards when you do a wipe out. I even liked when I wiped out because it’s funny.”

This game is easy to learn, fast-moving, and fun to play. When we get invited to birthday celebrations in the future, we will purchase this game for the birthday boy or girl. It’s fun for everyone!

We did not get this game for a review. We just loved it so much we had to tell you about it. This game gets the M2 Calandro Clan Seal of Approval.

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  1. john

    We love this game! Played it again with Matthew today. Easy to learn, a little strategy involved and lots of fun!


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