Two Truths and a Lie 5 (Concert Edition)

It’s back by popular demand!! The now legendary (in my own mind) Two Truths and a Lie (TTAAL) Game, dedicated to exposing me as the complete spaz, fearless adventurer, leap-before-you-look kind of gal I am. Onward~

The LOML and I recently saw Harry Connick, Jr. in concert. He put on a great show, even though the crowd acted like they were asleep or they were listening to a CD  alone in their living room. (Harry even commented on it. It was strange.) Anyway, this got me to thinking of all the great concerts I attended before I had kids and they became my life and I was too exhausted to think of going to a concert because I just wanted to be asleep by 9:00 every night.  

I got carried away, sorry. You know how this game works by now: two of these statements are true and one is a lie.

1. I saw Journey in concert in San Francisco.

2. I saw U2 in concert in Dublin.

3. I saw INXS in concert in Sydney.

There. Those statements don’t seem very exciting by themselves, but there are some great stories from these concerts. Make a  guess and see if you’ll be a winner chicken dinner. Stay tuned for the reveal later this week. And , as always, thanks for playing!

Comments (4)

  1. Jmac

    taking a shot in the dark…I’ll say #3 is the lie. totally cool though if it isn’t!!

  2. Xtina

    i say…journey in san francisco….seems far to tame for you!

  3. Bish

    Although I know you have been to all those places, I will go with #3. Can’t wait to hear the stories… :-)

  4. Susan Seaman

    I’m going to guess U2 is the lie. Don’t know why. Just a gut feeling. Plus nobody else has made that choice yet.


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