Two Truths and a Lie 5 Answers (Concert Edition)

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in the Concert Edition of TTAAL. Without further adew, grab your lighters, because here are the stories answers:

1. TRUE I am a bit of a classic rock fan and jumped at the chance to see Journey in concert in their home city of San Francisco at the Cow Palace (nice venue name -sarcastica font) back in the 80’s. The concert was absolutely fantastic and I had a great time even though I attended with someone that was not my boyfriend at the time. (Don’t tell David.) I even got teary-eyed when they played “When the Lights Go Down in the City”. Do not mock me. (Okay, you can, just a little, because I mock myself.) The band was in the height of their popularity and the crowd was insane. Every concert should have this much energy feeding the performers. What a ride!

2. FALSE And I despair at this false-ness. Seeing U2 in concert in Dublin is on my life list. The closest I came to seeing U2 in concert is touching the shoe that my friend got at a U2 concert. This Converse high-top lived in shrine-like status in my friend’s bedroom in high school because it had been thrown on-stage by someone, touched by The Edge, and thrown back into the audience. That’s right. My girlfriend saved this shoe for years because it had been touched by greatness. Not worn, just touched and flung back to the crowd. I admit a drastic level of pathetic-ness in my contact with one of my favorite bands. I will get to that concert someday. Oh, yes, I will.

That makes number 3. TRUE I attended an all day concert in Sydney, Australia when I travelled there after college and this is where I saw INXS. I will never forget this concert experience. It was outside on a huge lawn area in the heart of the city. Other bands played and INXS was the closing act. They had a black curtain draped over the entire stage and began the symphony lead-in to “Never Tear Us Apart”. A few measures were played with the curtains closed and the crowd waited patiently for the band to reveal themselves. As the curtains opened s-l-o-w-l-y we realized the symphony music wasn’t just being piped in. On stage was the entire Sydney symphony orchestra playing the intro to the song. What happened next was the definition of “the crowd goes wild”. Everyone started screaming and jumping and dancing. The band was in front of the orchestra and when the song finished the curtains closed behind them and they played for what seemed like hours. Wow. That’s about all I can say about that one. What a way to start a show. Wow.

Thanks for playing and for your enthusiasm for this silly game. You know I always love a good story. Any concert stories you want to share? Thanks for your participation!

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  1. Julie(my5monkeys)

    I just learned some new things about you– I also have never been to U2 concert but wish I had.


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