Two Truths and a Lie 6 -Earth Day Edition

Nothing says Earth Day like a little Two Truths and a Lie game, right? Exactly. To celebrate and honor our Mother Earth on April 22, I thought this would be appropriate. Grab your tie-died shirts and Birkenstock shoes and take your best guess at which one of these three statements is the lie:

1. I swam with wild dolphins in the Pacific ocean.

2. I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, twice.

3. I took a cruise off the shores of New Zealand in the Greenpeace boat, Rainbow Warrior.

Happy Earth day to all my faithful players and observers. Please, if you must drink water while you play this game, drink it from a glass you can use again and not a plastic, disposable bottle. And get your coffee in a reusable container while you’re at it. Thank you for playing and loving our Mother Earth. Every little bit helps.

Comments (6)

  1. Julie@my5monkeys

    I can’t see you as the rainbow warrior with Greenpeace …thats my guess.

  2. Jmac

    I’ll say #3 as I drink coffee out of my reusable cup!! Can’t wait to hear your stores about these 3 things…always fun!

  3. Diller

    One carbon offset tree in your name if I am wrong, I’m gonna go with #2, because I’m guessing you may have done this once, (or more than two times, which is really still true because you have done it at least twice…) No lose bet on this happy day.

  4. B & B

    Girlfriend and I are having cranberry juice cocktail- no literally cranberry juice cocktail AND enjoying past posts. We believe you have hiked half dome and went on a cruise off the shores of New Zealand…even though the story sounds a bit fishy. On the other hand, swimming with dolphins is reasonable but WILD dolphins is a little far fetched. However…far fetched and Eileen are synonyms sooo ahhh final answer #1 is a big fat lie.

  5. bish

    Ok – Since I can see you doing all of these (easily), I am having a hard time with choosing. Going with #1 is a lie.

  6. Julia

    HMM I will pick #2. Tough one today. LOL.


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