The Coin of Destiny

Here's what you get when the coin comes up heads!

When it came time to decide if we would buy a new house, we flipped a coin. When we toyed with the idea of having a third child, we flipped a coin. But we didn’t flip just any coin. We flipped the…wait for it…Coin Of Destiny. This is in italics because it should be said in a big voice ala Wizard of Oz style before Toto exposed what hid behind the curtain. Here’s how the Coin Of Destiny (say it big – ooo – you’re getting it!) works: whenever we have a huge decision in front of us, we use this coin to help us decide what we should do.

Call us crazy. We really used a coin to help us figure if Calandro4 should become Calandro5.

The process is simple. We use any quarter, no special coin required. Heads we do one thing, tails we do the other. The rule is we have to do whatever the coin decides for us. We flip the coin. As the coin twirls through the air we imagine which outcome we really are hoping will happen. The coin lands and our destiny is revealed.

The coin of destiny is never wrong. Here’s why. In the split second of the reveal, our gut tells us our true feelings. If we are relieved or happy with the outcome, Hooray! That seals the deal and we either abandon the wild and crazy idea or move forward with the plan. If we feel disappointed or sad and really wish the coin had landed differently, we get to be adults and change the rules. Yep, we break our own rule about doing what the coin dictates for us. We’re wacky, not idiots.

The whole point of the exercise is not to let a coin determine our destiny, but to help us determine our true desires. It helps us go with our gut. The coin doesn’t make the decision in the end, but it helps us clarify what we really wanted in the first place.

Would you leave it up to a coin to decide if you abandon your successful career? Are you a pros-and-cons-list-maker? An avoid-it-until-the-decision-is-made-for-you-because-the-deck-broke-in-half-before-you-could-decide-to-replace-it kind of person? A jump-in-with-both-feet-and-suffer-the-consequences decision maker? How do you make big decisions for yourself?

Who makes the decision to have a third child by using a coin? The Calandro Clan does. But remember we didn’t make it using just any coin. We used the Coin Of Destiny.

*Note: This post was previously posted on calandroclan back in February, before we experienced a bit of technical difficuly. But we’re all better now. This decision to fix calandroclan required no coin flipping.

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