Two Truths and a Lie 7 – Teacher’s Edition

Across our nation, we celebrate teachers today, thanks to Teacher Appreciation Day. In my former life, before M1, M2 and M3, I taught first grade and loved it. Then I had kids and I stopped teaching to stay home with my boys. (So much more factored into this decision, but that’s the short version. Me? Short story? It’s a miracle.)

This edition of Two Truths and a Lie is dedicated to teachers everywhere who form the future of our nation and our planet. I could tell teaching stories for days but trimmed it for the purpose of TTAAL. All of these stories deal with parent-teacher relationships, in my opinion, one of the trickier, stickier situations of teaching. As a teacher you have more than just your students to manage. You also have to work with parents, staff, and administration. Obviously, the balance is delicate and teachers make it seem easy. The balance of all these factors is far from effortless. It is momentous.

So pick up your number two pencils and get ready to bubble in your answers, people. One of these statements is a lie:

1. A disgruntled parent sent a formal complaint letter to my Principal and the Superintendent of my school district.

2. A parent thought it would be fun to dress up like a gorilla and surprise my students on Valentine’s Day.

3. A parent informed me I was a terrible teacher on Back To School Night in my own classroom in front of a room full of parents.

Make your best guess and stay tuned for the answers. As you anxiously await the stories from this TTAAL edition, please go find a teacher and thank them for all they do. And tell them the Calandro Clan says thanks, too.

Comments (3)

  1. Jmac

    Tough choice between #1 and #3 (watch it be #2) but I will say #3. Either one would be jacked up…..

    I love these as I learn so much about you since our days in school so many, many years ago! First grade teacher…very cool!

  2. Alecia Teague

    I think #1 and #3 are BOTH LIES! I can’t imagine either of these things happening to such a wonderful person like you :).

  3. Bish

    So had to read #2 twice, as I figured that John would have been the person who dressed up as a gorilla – but you said parent! I will say #1 is a lie and that there is some odd ball parent who would make the comment at BTS night. (I agree with Alecia & JMAC on #1 & 3 being LIES!!)


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