Here’s To You, Mom

She aint' heavy; she's my Mother. But, really. She's not heavy at all. She's tiny! Look at her!

I know I’ve left you wondering what is the answer to TTAAL -Teacher’s Edition, but today is all about Moms and I couldn’t let it pass without talking about mine.

Without her, there is no me. She brought me into this world and never once threatened to take me out of it, even though I really deserved it sometimes. She is unstoppable. She is a mountain of energy and an endless supply of forgiveness -for this I am tremendously thankful. 

She was a teacher and an after-school child-care provider for thousands of children for decades in the public school system. She reads every week as a volunteer at her local library. As far as Grandmothers go, she’s amazing. She is respectful of my parenting while at the same time never lets my children forget they are adored by her.

She will never be one of those drab, dowdy Moms. She has a wardrobe that is fabulous, current and she has an impeccable sense of style. She wears cool glasses, accessories, and her belt always matches her shoes. If you ever see me looking put together and fashionable, it is thanks to her. She is my very own personal shopper and I willingly accept her hand-me-downs, knowing they are nicer and more stylish than anything I would purchase for myself.

I put her through more than a daughter should during high school. I hope she doesn’t get to witness her revenge when my boys go through their high school years, but if she does, I know she will be gracious about it.

She is an amazing Mom and woman and I am proud to call her mine. And she lets me pick her up to get wacky photos. Oh. I forgot to mention, she’s really tolerant, too.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for showing me how it’s done.

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