Yoursphere is a Safe Sphere

My oldest “M” is eleven years old and seriously interested in the Internet, social sites, and video games he can access online. As a social media lover, I see the benefits of expanding his life-experiences into this arena. As a parent, I know the dangers that can make one want to keep their children out of this space entirely.

Thanks to Mom Central, I found Yoursphere and my concerns are lessening the more my son uses the site. Members of the Yoursphere site are carefully screened. Not just anyone can join. When my son and I joined together, we had to provide information which would be used for background checks to verify my identity as well as my son’s. As a parent of a child under the age of 12 I can monitor M1’s activity, his time on the site, delete content, and make sure what he is doing on the site is appropriate. I’m not the only one monitoring his activity, however. Yoursphere has trained professionals who moderate member activity and content to be sure everyone is behaving according to the strict Terms of Use Agreement.

Signing up to become a member of the site is easy. It took only a few minutes and M1 was connecting with other kids all over the country. He invited a friend of his to join and now they talk about their activities on the site and communicate virtually as well as every day at school.

I am employed by Mom Central as our Chief Mom Connector, but for Yoursphere, I am participating as a Test Drive Mom with Mom Central. I look forward to passing on more information about Yoursphere as I participate in this program. Stay tuned for future posts about this great website dedicated to keeping kids safe in the ever-expanding, always-changing world of social media and the internet.

I wrote this review while participating in the Yoursphere Test Drive program by Mom Central on behalf of Yoursphere. I received a free lifetime Gold membership on, Yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 American Express gift card to facilitate my review.

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