Wii Game Review: Shrek Forever After

The Good:

Shrek Forever After for Wii

  • Excellent Family Game
  • Great storyline
  • Multiple Player/drop in-out
  • Excellent puzzles requiring cooperation
  • Great music during ‘end of level’ bosses
  • Funny Dialogue throughout the game
  • Movies between levels
  • Repeat play
  • Much more cooperative than competetive
  • Lots of help available along the way, but only if it is needed
  • Fun objects and power-ups
  • All-for-one gameplay

The Bad:

  • Could use more interesting control functions for the Wii
  • Characters can’t jump

John here (or LOML as you may know me…). Once again, the good folks at Activision sent us a video game to play and take a look at and, once again, they’ve done a great job with this one. Shrek Forever After is a multi-player game that closely follows the story from the movie. Each section of the game is introduced with a video clip which ties the story together nicely and makes the objective for each level clear.

Players have the opportunity to play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, or Puss as they work their way through Far Far Away to reunite Shrek and Fiona. Each character has his/her own talents and abilities which come in handy in solving the puzzles. (My personal favorites: Puss’ ability to charm people with his gigantic “kitty eyes” and Donkey’s ability to annoy others with his singing!) Players have the opportunity to jump in and out of the game at will without disrupting the other players and can change their character at any time to solve puzzles. The controls for the Wii don’t take full advantage of the motion capabilities of the Wii, relying more on the buttons and directional controller and less on motion.

The environments in the game are attractive, interesting, and challenging. Magic mirrors are placed throughout to allow you to transport between the “Rumplestiltskin Far Far Away” and the “real” Far Far Away. There are plenty of hidden items, and areas that you can only access after you have earned a new skill or power. This allows for extended play of the game even after you have “finished” it. You have the opportunity to go back and find all of the items you missed and finish challenges you weren’t able to complete the first time.

This game was played by myself and the two older Ms (7 and 11). What we enjoyed most was the cooperation needed to solve the puzzles, the humor infused throughout the game, the thinking required to solve the puzzles and the MUSIC! Every battle at the end of a level is accompanied by great music: Do You Like Pancakes?, Bad Reputation,Walking on Sunshine… You’ll be singing along as you work together to beat an end-of-level boss!.

We give Shrek Forever After the Calandro Family Seal of Approval. It is fun for the whole family, appropriate for the little ones (assuming they can work the controls), and one of the best examples of how a game can involve more cooperation and less competition for the players. Any parent will tell you that this feature alone will keep the peace for everone.

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