LEGO Day ~After

The mini-figure bin got dumped. I could play with these guys for hours.

The rules for LEGO Day are simple:

  1. Pick a theme everyone can agree on.
  2. All Clanadro Clan members build with LEGOs all day.
  3. See what we have created at the end of the day.

LEGO Day is the brainchild of the youngest M for a Summer Cup activity. The other day we pulled it out of the cup and everyone cheered~let the building begin!

First, we determined the theme: it’s been foggy and cold here on the Central Coast of California which is not great beach weather. In honor of the time of year and in the hopes that the weather pattern will improve, M1 suggested the theme of “Beach”. We all agreed and quickly started naming elements we wanted in the design: sand, ocean, boardwalk, resort, tidepools, lifeguard tower, lighthouse, and people relaxing on the beach. Everyone had an idea to start the day.

Make way for LEGO Day!

We moved our couches to the side of the family room, took all the LEGO bins out of the playroom for easy access, and got to work. M1 started piecing the sand together, M2 fished through the bins for blue pieces to create the ocean, and M3 constructed the lifeguard tower. The LOML worked diligently on the pier and I made my beach resort dreams come to life.

In the middle of the afternoon, M2 and the LOML made a trip to see our pediatrician. Our middle M has been running a fever and coughing. After a quick listen to M2’s lungs and a run to the drug store for antibiotics, the Clan was back to our full building capacity. I’m happy to report, M2 is now fully recovered, and fever-free. He wasn’t diagnosed with walking pnuemonia as his brother, M1, was a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t whooping cough either. Just a weird bacterial bug that’s going around.

Finding a needle in a LEGO stack.

I felt so proud observing my boys working together all day, with only a few disagreements on how something should be made and who got what pieces. They negotiated with each other without too much screaming. Bonus! They encouraged one another and offered compliments on the items they created. I loved watching them work together to reach a common goal.

All day long, M1 (who has a super-scary, complete inventory list of every LEGO in our home catalogued in his brain) kept saying, “Where is that surfboard? I know we have one! I can’t find it. Where is it?” Of course, at the end of the day, as he stepped back and admired our work, he walked around the corner of the room to the stairs and there, on the floor, was the surfboard. “Here it is! Now where are we going to put it?” We looked at our scene and we all agreed: it was so packed with features it didn’t need one more thing. The surfboards we had made using other peices looked great just the way they were. It was official; we were done.

The finished product.

Our beach scene was complete with a pier, boardwalk, lighthouse, tidepools, sunbathers, a waterskier and ski boat, kayak rentals, surfers, breaking waves, a resort, lifeguard tower, parking lot with cars, metal detector-weilding beachgoer, ice cream shop, cabana, ocean, sand, and rowboat. Not bad for about five hours of work!

We never had a LEGO day before, but we will certainly have one again. Maybe next time some of you will join us and share your creations. Until then, happy building and may you always be able to see a LEGO piece on the floor before you step on it.


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