Summer Cup-date

oooooo...artsy-shot from our Cambria hike

We’re about half-way through the summer and about halfway through our Summer Cup activities, so it’s time for a cup-date on what we’ve been doing. Here’s the Calandro Clan summer so far:

  • Drive-Ins (saw Toy Story 3 for the second time ~love all three movies)
  • Cookie Day (each Calandro chose a recipe and we baked all day, then gave the cookies to our neighbors)
  • Downtown Day (a lovely day with Grandma Frog and Grandpa Ringo ~yes, we really call them that)
  • Blues Game (M1 got a foul ball and all three Ms participated in the dizzy bat race)
  • Avila Barn U-Pick Peaches (another activity with G. Frog and G. Ringo ~we made a cobbler at home with the peaches)
  • Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream (best ice cream on the Central Coast)
  • LEGO Day
  • Library (we go often)
  • Pool (swim lessons)
  • Bob Jones Trail (fit all four bikes in the van ~thanks Toyota! ~the LOML doesn’t have a bike ~that’s another story for another time)
  • Get doughnuts (don’t you judge me)
  • Mustang Water Slides (not one Calandro got a sunburn ~quite an accomplishment)
  • Avila Beach (awesome day with the Nielsons ~Panasonic LiHD family #12)
  • Cambria Hike (Harmony Headlands State Park ~we’ll do this hike again)

Some things still in the Summer Cup:

  • Many hikes
  • Park Day (A dozen parks in a day ~thirty minutes at each park)
  • Ice cream sandwiches for the firefighters ( bonus: awesome tour of the stations)
  • Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range
  • Lemonade stand (all the money goes to a charity TBD ~M2 wants it to go to a Children’s Hospital)
  • Kite Day
  • Sidewalk Chalk Day (one of my favorites)
  • Pismo Beach
  • Train Day

Our neighbor, one of the Grand Marshalls of the Bike Parade

Along with all this, we travelled to the Bay Area (and beyond, once) to hang out with our generous, awesome family, held a neighborhood 4th of July Bike Parade and Potluck Picnic, and had a mini-vacation to Monterey. Yep, we’re insane having loads of fun.

How are you spending your lazy days of summer? We hope your days are filled with wonderful Summer Cup-worthy activities!

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