Park Day Preview


The t-shirts we're sporting this year. Thanks Action Wipes and Pithy!


Yep. When you say it you have to yell it, italics style, because it is HUGE!

Calandro Clan Park Day is one dozen parks in one day, thirty minutes at each park, six hours of play. We do this every summer, usually on the last day of summer for the LOML. We map out our route, pack a bunch of food, and play hard. In the last two minutes at each park we race down the slides on the structures. It’s wacky. It’s silly. It’s Calandro Clan tradition.

This year we are changing it up a bit. This year we have t-shirts. This year we have sponsors ~Action Wipes and Pithy Little Soda Works. This year we are decorating the windows of my mini-van. This year we will use sidewalk chalk to autograph each park when we leave. This year we have a guest: Uncle Vinny. This year will ROCK!

Tune in soon for photos and perhaps video. Follow the adventure on twitter using the hashtag #ParkDay2010.

Try to keep up!

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