My Life List

I feel blessed to experience this list with the people I love the most -my family.

Some people call it a Bucket List, but I’ve always called it my Life List. Call it what you want, it all means the same thing: a list of what I want to do before I’m not around to cross things off my list anymore.

My list looked different from when I started it in college from how it looks today. Now I’ve got the “With My Family” component. The addition of this part of my list is very special to me and has only just begun.

Thanks to the wonderful @deguia (Daniel De Guia) from twitter, I finally have compiled my list. Up until this time, I carried it around inside my brain. This is the first time I put it in written (typed) form. Want to see @deguia’s list? Go to his site and check it out.

So here it is; thankfully I’ve crossed quite a few things off my list in my 42 years on the planet.

Eileen’s Life List

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

Travel extensively on my own

Graduate from college

Own a home

Re-do our kitchen

Re-do our bathrooms

Have a wall of bookshelves in our home

Donate my ponytail to charity

Travel to Australia

Experience the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico

See the stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Go to a movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Be happily married

Dance with my father at my wedding

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Hear the bells of Big Ben

Go to Japan

Climb the Eiffel Tower

See the rose windows of Notre Dame

Go to the roof deck of the Empire State Building

See the arch in New York from When Harry Met Sally (NOT crossed off after my trip to NYC. Now I have a good reason to go back!)

Go to DisneyWorld

Go to Disneyland Paris (for free!)

Be a grandma

Celebrate my 100th birthday

Bunjee jump

See the pyramids

See the Mayan Temples

Shake a King, Queen, and the President’s hand

See the Petra Great Temple

Run a half marathon

Run the Bay to Breakers

Get re-married to the LOML in all 50 states before our 50th wedding anniversary (is this even legal?)

Have a son

Have another son

Have another son (notice: “have a daughter” is not on my list; we’re DONE)

Write a children’s book

Write a Christmas children’s book

See a taping of Oprah

See a taping of Saturday Night Live

Be a seat-filler at the Oscars

Go to the Price is Right

See a taping of the ‘Rosie O’Donnell Show

See a taping of Letterman

See a taping of the Ellen Show

See a taping of Johnnie Carson (sadly, this will never be crossed off; he was a genius)

Hike Half Dome in Yosemite

Go to the Galapagos Islands

Drink a bottle of beer on the Great Wall of China

Be Tinkerbell on the zip line at Disneyland and set off the fireworks

Go to Hershey, Pennsylvania and see the Hershey plant

Go to Vermont to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory

Be an elementary school teacher

Get my pilot’s license

Own a convertible

Own a convertible again

Be on television

Learn to ride a unicycle

Learn to juggle

Learn to surf

Drive a race car

Eileen’s Life List With My Family

Cheer and cry when my boys graduate from college

Dance with the LOML at my sons’ weddings

Find a bag of money

Go to Catalina Island

Camp in all the National Parks

Go to Rio and eat at our friend’s restaurant

Go to Alcatraz

Travel to Australia

Tour the monuments, Smithsonian, and White House in Washington D.C.

Hike Half Dome with at least one of my sons

See Europe

Run the Bay to Breakers with at least one of my boys

Dig ditches in a third world country

Go to Hawaii

Fly around volcanoes in a helicopter in Hawaii

Go to Disneyland

Go to DisneyWorld

Go to Europe

Go kayaking

Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef

See the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark

Phew! There it is, or at least there is what I can remember. As I go through life I say, “That’s on my Life List!” I’ll have to be sure to add to this as I discover new adventures waiting for me and the Calandro Clan. 

What does your Life List look like? Do you have one? Let me know and share some of the things you want to do. I’m sure it will bring me right back here to add to mine. 

Now I better get off this computer and get busy crossing some things off this list. Onward!

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  2. Daniel

    Great list! I like how you’ve been able to do so many of the things you wanted to experience!


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