Hooray for Park Day!


The Calandro Clan annual Park Day was a huge success! As planned, we travel to twelve parks and spend thirty minutes in each one for a total of six hours of play. We have done this for years and look forward to it all year long. We love experiencing our parks all in one day to immediately compare the uniqueness of each location. To spice things up, at the two minute warning before we leave each park, we gather in one location on the edge of the park. At the word GO we dash to the slides and try to zip down each one before the two-minute mark is up. This is just one more layer of wackiness as we depart for our next destination.

This year, we played on a structure that was brand new and had just opened that morning. What a way to break it in! We also were disappointed when one park was completely closed off and under construction. (We have driven past several times since Park Day and it still isn’t open. It looks amazing and we can’t wait to play there.) Although that park was closed, we still enjoyed ourselves by walking around the lake and watching a remote control boat race. We never would have known this nautical group gathered there twice a week if we hadn’t taken that walk. The surprises we encounter each year make Park Day a terrific experience for our family.

We got a bit of a later start than we wanted, so we ended our day later than we wanted, but we had a fantastic time. We were joined at two parks along the way by friends of M1, no one got sunburned, and we all agreed it was a tremendous day.

With Uncle Vinny’s creativity, Animoto, and the LOML’s secret passion for editing video, we have this fun video to remember the day. We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsors Pithy Little Soda Works and Action Wipes. You made our day extra-special and we appreciate your support in our adventure.

Until next year, enjoy your local parks and be sure to take your vitamins so you can join us in Park Day 2011! Now go outside and play!

Comments (4)

  1. Lucretia Pruitt

    What fun!!

    Thanks for “taking us along” – it was almost as much fun as being able to fly to California and go with you… okay, not really as much fun as that. But pretty cool from here! :)

  2. Martha Van

    Wow, I didn’t know there were that many parks in SLO! What fun! Thank you for taking us along, will have to join you next year.

  3. kari

    love it, we are in for next year, what’s the date??

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      The date changes every year -it depends on when the LOML goes back to work. We usually do this on the last day of his summer, or close to it. (It’s usually sometime at the end of July.) Park Day is a fun way to put a big exclamation point at the end of our summer adventures. We’ll know the date around May next year, and I’ll keep you posted. We may need to set a date a bit earlier because others want to join in, too. Wahoooooo!


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