Happy Second Panaversary!

Today as we drove home from a soccer game, M3 thought about one of his friends and said from his booster seat, “Mommy, will you text him and see if he can play?” This simple question caused us to pause and reflect: two years ago today we won the technology jackpot when we became Family #39 in Panasonic’s Living in HD program. 

An Open Letter to Panasonic on Our Second Anniversary:

Dear Panasonic,

I never dreamed I would win all of this equipment. I certainly never imagined that when I did, I would still be as excited and enthusiastic about it two years later. I never dreamed Panasonic would be responsible for shifting the thinking of myself, my wife and my family about the role of technology in our lives opening us up to seemingly endless possibilities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us to be in the Living in HD program. This amazing program continually grows and changes. I know it was designed to do this, but I don’t know if anyone could foresee the long- term impact it would have on us: the participants. This technology is more than just a great prize, it is a conduit for us to connect with people and share our experiences. This year was the year of sharing our technology with others.

As a family, we love our technology. Every pizza night, our amazing plasma tv,  Blu-Ray player and surround sound system provide a viewing experience  unmatched by even our local theaters. As the most used computer in the house, our Toughbook is proving to be as tough and reliable as promised. Our digital cameras and HD video cameras accompany us on all of our wacky adventures.

This technology allows us to record and share our evperiences with others. In the past year, we have taken over 9,000 photographs, 19 hours of video, have created 8 animoto slideshows1 DVD bithday invite, 80 blog posts, several thousand tweets and facebook posts, shared photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube with friends all over the world, and have participated in Panasonic’s photo contests online.

Since last October, we have developed deeper friendships with other Panasonic LiHD members- people we  would never have met if we hadn’t been selected. We have eaten with them, laughed together, worried about and comforted each other. We share pictures and video, and have spent vacation time together. These people are now our friends and we are planning ways to connect with them in real life to go beyond our digital connection.

At our annual Christmas party for charity last year, Panasonic surprised us by sending a full HD 3D truck to our house to get the reactions of our guests who got to experience full 3DHD, and give their input on it. Thanks to Panasonic, all of our guests got to experience something truly unique and got to join us in Living in HD.

In Januay of 2009, my wife met the woman who is now her boss throughPanasonic. In October of  last year she started her job with MomCentral as “Chief Mom Connector” and she is excellent at it.  Because of her experience with our Panasonic equipment and all of the wonderful people she met since we joined the progam, she has embraced technology and used it to forge relationships with people all over the world. As a result of her being excellent at her job, our family has been provided with opportunities we didn’t even know existed two years ago.

 As we learn more about social media and marketing, I am amazed Panasonic even started this program. I am surprised we were ever chosen. We had no blog, no ties to any major advertising agencies, just our regular circle of friends.  I was just a guy who wanted a really nice tv and saw that Panasonic was giving away all of this cool stuff. I never thought we would win. We, like many of the other families, were not “inluencers”  just normal families who were given a phenomenal opportunity through technology to live in HD.

Now these families are a group of people with a common story- one that affects our lives in ways we never imagined. We are evangelists for Panasonic. We all got outstanding equipment and we influence the development of the products people buy today. We are creative and connected, but most of all, we are a community who care about each other because we share with each other. We are truly LIVING in HD.

Technology opened doors for us. Technology removed miles between us. Technology brings us together and lets us share who we are with each other.

Thank you, Panasonic for great equipment and the opportunity to Live in HD. Thank you for opening us to possibilities and adventures beyond our wildest dreams. And thank you for being an integral part of two truly incredible years in the life of the Calandro Clan.


John Calandro on behalf of The Calandro Clan, LiHD family #39

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  1. Susan Seaman

    Great letter, John! We are another family whose lives have been changed as a result of Panasonic’s Living in HD program. We have made wonderful memories and friends. And now we have a child with a major interest (and most likely a college scholarship) in photography, and I am going to start working on a fun educational project (read “the job of my dreams” here!) for Panasonic very soon!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Susan!! (Eileen here) Thank you for this terrific comment and congratulations on your new educational project and potential college scholarship -what great news!!! Please keep us posted on these items -we are so happy for you! Long live LiHD!

  2. MamboDan

    Congrats on your Second Panaversary, John! I couldn’t have put it any better than you did. I agree 100%, Panasonic’s Living in HD program has made a big change in my family too.

  3. debbie pelletier

    We’re coming up on our third anniversary as Panasonic Lihd Family #21, and for us too, it has been an incredible experience. Like you, we were an ordinary family wanting a new TV and ended up part of a life changing experience! It’s unbelievable how much we’ve learned since our equipment was installed and how much fun we’ve had, especially becoming involved with other LiHD families! What a great experience, huh? We are so lucky!!! Enjoy your Panasonic anniversary!!

  4. Rana

    Our two years is coming up too and we are also so appreciative. Very well written letter!

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