You Don’t Need a Yurt to Have a Dream

Proclaim your most heartfelt dream. Go ahead. Do it privately, secretly, to yourself.

Was that easy? Have you ever done it before?

Now do it again. This time in a yurt, while sitting in a circle with forty powerful, honest, talented, and unintentionally intimidating women. One more thing: you have met only three (two?) of the women before. That’s it.

Go ahead. You can do it. I did.


I attended the amazing Creative Alliance ’10 conference this past weekend in Ojai, California and this was one of the activities. As my turn got closer and closer I found it more difficult to listen to others as I turned over in my mind what I wanted to say. (So sorry ladies who were sitting close to me.)

I wanted to be funny, smart, honest and concise. Well, one out of four isn’t bad. I rambled, and eventually, honestly proclaimed my dream. It went nothing like this:

I have a passion for philanthropy. Here in the Calandro Clan we believe you should always use your powers for good. We have countless blessings and work to give back and pay it forward. I want to inspire others to give of themselves to help our world be a better place. We throw our Calandro Christmas Crazy party every year to collect donations for Grass Roots II. I raised almost $5,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to celebrate my 40th birthday. I grow my hair and donate it and encourage others to do the same.

I want to make a difference in the areas of suicide prevention and grief counseling, progeria research, art therapy, toys and meals for kids during the holiday season (heck, anything to help kids), alcoholism and depression support, and any area I feel deserves attention.

My dream is to work with companies on their philanthropic strategies to use their powers for good.

There. I said it again. Not in a yurt, but to you: my twenty, faithful readers (bless you all). At least this time I can proclaim my dream in the privacy of my living room and not have my voice get all shaky and breathless. (Yes, I was embarrassed and mortified when I couldn’t get myself under control.)

Oh well. Dreams have to start somewhere. Mine was officially proclaimed in a yurt. I can’t wait to see where it will end. (And if any companies are reading this, please know I would be eloquent and well-rehearsed when speaking on your behalf!)

Want to proclaim your dream? My blog isn’t a yurt, but it can be a starting line for you. Go ahead. What’s your dream of what you want for this lifetime? Trust me. You can do it. Give it a try.

Thank you to Creative Alliance ’10 and all attendees for giving me the opportunity, and forcing me, to articulate myself. Until now, I had only proclaimed this to the LOML and a few select others.


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  1. Ellie

    You were eloquent and amazing this past weekend – you embody your dream and you are well on your way. It was so lovely to meet you – your passion and compassion light you from within. Truly.


    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Whatever I did to deserve this kindness I would do it all again. Meeting you, Ellie, was a pure joy of the weekend. I am so excited to see where all our dream proclomation will take us. Please keep me posted on your adventures in parenting and beautiful jewelry-making!

  2. Lee Vandeman

    Oh Eileen! I loved reading this and it’s so interesting how we each perceive how we come across. To me, in that yurt, you stated your dream clearly and with conviction. You have a compassionate heart that emanates from your every pore…I feel so blessed that you were a part of the inaugural CA ’10. And I hope there are more to come…


    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Thank you, Lee. If not for you, I never could have met so many incredible women. And I finally got to connect with you in person! You helped me feel closer to seeing this dream come true in my future. The discussion about cause marketing was exactly what I hoped for. What an amazing weekend!
      I have a feeling you couldn’t keep CA ’11 from happening if you tried. Remember, you don’t want to be voted off the island; the tribe has spoken.
      That reminds me, I was wondering today if it’s too early to purchase my ticket for next year! ;)
      You rock my world.

  3. Ann's Rants

    Eileen, I would rather hear raw passion any day than a perfect pitch. I really enjoyed meeting you and felt so inspired by your story and your dream.

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Thank you, Ann! Meeting you and experiencing the Listen to Your Mother Salon was wonderful. I learned so much from you in such a short time and look forward to learning from you in the future. I know our paths well cross again ~hopefully soon!

  4. Karen Duggan

    I think the energy with which you spoke (which you read as “not being able to get yourself together,”) only came across as conviction and passion to the rest of us. I LOVE your vision, it is beautiful, giving and compassionate. Funny — all the same qualities I would ascribe to you! I need your number so we can get together to have our own CA10 micro-reunions for the SLO set! xox K.

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Hooray!!! That’s more than I had hoped for ~and thank you! I do feel such a strong desire to pay it forward. We have a quote in our kitchen: “To whom much it given, much is expected.” That sums it up for the Calandro Clan. Our own CA 10 micro-reunion will happen soon -I know it! I’m so happy we traveled all the way to Ojai to meet!

  5. Maggie B.

    You? Rambling? … :)
    You live the dream, my friend. You do it so well. Keep on keeping it real and, indeed, onward!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Hearfelt thanks to you, dear friend. You witness all the craziness of the Calandro Clan and still keep coming back for more. Your bravery is noted and LOVED!

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