Holding Japan in our Hearts

As we view the devastating coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we feel horrified at the sad stories and destruction. Although we have never traveled to Japan, or have any family from Japan, the Calandro Clan has a powerful allegiance to this country. We have met people from this country, even welcomed them into our home, ever since we started our amazing relationship with Panasonic in 2008 as members of their Living in HD program.

Panasonic has been so generous to the Calandro Clan through the years. This company forever changed our lives in countless, fantastic ways. We hope the families and friends of everyone in the Panasonic company, especially the people we have met, find peace and comfort in this terrible time.

We researched online to see which parts of the Panasonic company may be affected. We aren’t sure if the infrastructure of Panasonic is depleted, but we know every member of your country will feel the affects of this disaster. Of course, you are donating generously and doing your part to aide in the recovery efforts. We know this is only the beginning of how Panasonic will work to help, and we will watch for news of the recovery in the future.

We can’t ever thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us and all you’ve given us. We know your country and your people have the strength to recover from this. We hope the world rallies to support and aide you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, your employees, and your beautiful country. We hold all of you close in our hearts.

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  1. Chrissy

    Wonderful post, Eileen! We’ve been keeping up to date with all the news in Japan. Japan is close to my heart too, as I taught and lived there for two years. I still have friends and former students there. The news has been devastating.

    One of the groups I am involved with is raising money to send over to Japan. Thank you for posting this. xxoo

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Oh Chrissy! Your close connection to Japan must make the reports even more devastating to hear. I’m so sorry. I hope the recovery plans go smoothly for everyone. I also hope your friends are okay. What group are you involved with? I’d love more information. I’m sure people are being generous -if your community is anything like you, the donations will be outstanding! You are such a generous person.
      Just so you know, for some reason, I’m not getting notified when a comment is made here. I would have responded so much sooner if I had known you had wirtten. I apologize. I need serious blogging guidance! Thanks again.


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