An Arranged Tempest in a Teapot

My Mother-in-law gave me the teapot in the middle -one of my favorites!

Some women go nuts for a leather handbag or a great pair of shoes. Not me. My heart beats faster when I have a kitchen filled with beautiful flowers waiting to be made into arrangmeents.

My love affair with flowers started in high school when I pestered a local floral shop owner into giving me a job. She got tired of me wandering through her shop and figured I may as well be productive if I was going to be spending so much time there. She taught me everything I needed to know and she trusted me with a lot of responsibilities. She had me doing wedding flowers when I was only seventeen! She even forgave me when I left the door open on her delivery truck, thinking she would close it before she drove away, and she sped down the freeway with people honking at her the entire time. (Maybe that’s a story for another blog post….)

Anyway, ever since then, I’ve done flowers for several weddings and events through the years and love the creative expression of floral arranging. The arrangements pictured in this post are the centerpieces for a party for my mother-in-law who is celebrating a milestone birthday this year. My gift to her is I’m not telling you how old she is! (She is one of the three faithful readers of this blog, so I’m keeping my mouth shut -you’re welcome, Carolyn!)

This tall arrangement will be on the bar and not on the tables. Keep table arrangements low so you can see over them.

I love doing arrangements in creative containers. Since my MIL collects teapots, I decided to put the arrangements in these instead of in regular vases. I travelled to all the thrift shops in town and cleaned them out of any teapot they had. My friend joined me on my hunt and got really confused as to why I would buy my MIL second-hand teapots for such an important birthday. And she couldn’t understand why I needed to buy so many of them. She doesn’t read my blog like my MIL so I should make fun of her and her inability to listen when I’m explaining what I’m trying to do. Nah. She may read this eventually. ;)

If you are in charge of creating centerpieces for an event, think outside the box. Use items in ways you wouldn’t expect to add personal touches for the party. I’ve made floral arrangements in a container decorated with LEGOs, put flowers in jars that could later be used in a baby nursery for cotton balls, and even raised an arrangment on a clear pedistal so it looked like it was floating away with helium baloons. Have fun and push the limits.

And remember to shut the door on your van when you go to deliver the flowers to the party. ;) Happy birthday, Carolyn! I love you and look forward to celebrating your birthday for decades to come! xoxo

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  1. Duane Hall

    So I will be waiting to see some flowers arranged in some old legos…

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Ummmm, Duane, take a look at paragraph five… Been there, done that! You know me (and all of my boys) so well! But that arrangement was for M1’s birthday party -that was before your time with the Calandro Clan! You came in with M2. We may need to have a re-enactment, just for you! ;)

  2. Dana Lo Schiavo

    Still a brilliant creative designer!!! Your family is soooooo lucky to have you.Dana

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      DANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the woman who taught me everything I know, people!!!! Every time I do an arrangement I think of all the fun times we had in your shop together. I am forever endebted to you for so much!!!!!! I adore you and admire you. Thank you so much for commenting here!!!! I love you! xoxoxo


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