Going to the Dark Side with the Giants

When the Trophy Tour came to town we had to see it! (M3 got a little excited.)

When I am ninety and telling stories of my life to my grandchildren (I’m calling my stories “The Dark Side of Grandma” -don’t judge me -it’s cool!), one of my favorites will be the day I called in sick to go see a Giants game with my sister.

I can’t remember the details of how it happened, but I know I talked my sister into it. There’s no way she would ever initiate something like that…back then. She had a lot more responsibilities in her job, and a lot more stress. I’m sure that’s how I convinced her she “needed” the day off. My job was lame and I knew the textbook print-buying industry could do without me in my low, entry-level position for one day. So we faked a fever, sped up the 101 to the Stick (that’s Bay Area Peninsula local lingo for we drove to the stadium), and the rest, as they say, is history -or at least a great memory.

We got fantastic seats between third base and home plate in the lower deck in the warm sunshine, drank a beer, ate a hot dog and dozed off. We woke up in time for the seventh inning stretch and watched the rest of the game. I’m pretty sure they lost because I think I remember feeling we called in sick and they didn’t even win. (I felt we were entitled!) It was a perfect day.

Whenever the Giants play their first game of the season, just like they did today (I know they lost -be quiet), I always remember when my sister and I went to the Dark Side together, ditched work and had a great time. Nowadays, my sister’s much more of a trouble maker -and I love her for coming over to the Dark Side with me!

Have you ever called in sick to go make a great memory with someone? Are you working on your own set of “Going to the Dark Side” stories? I’d love to hear about your adventures!

Thanks for reading…and sharing…and one last thing…GOOOOOOO GIANTS!

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  1. Frelle

    What a great storyteller you are! I loved hearing this memory of yours. :)

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Thanks, dear! I love sharing it -this is one of my favorite stories.

  2. Slack


    You are SUCH a bad influence! I can’t imagine doing something so crazy! :-)

    Sounds like a great idea to me! Maybe I’ll sneak away from work on my next trip to the Bay area and watch the Giants too. I hope my boss doesn’t read this and find out though?


    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Ha! That’s why I knew I could write about this -my sister and I are decades away from those jobs so I knew we’d be safe.
      We haven’t been to a Giants game in years! Hopefully this is the summer we make it happen. *crossing fingers*
      And as far as you being deviant the next time you’re in the Bay Area? DO IT! And think of me as you take that first sip of your beer. :)

  3. Joann

    I actually don’t think I called in sick…I just didn’t show up to work (come on I was 19 or 20 and not as responisble as I thought I was!!) Anyway I was literally 3 minutes from work and got news that U2 was at Justin Herman Plaza in SF. So we turned around and went up to the city to check it out. Very cool except for the part when Bono spray painted the sculpture….Especially love to see a new generation of Giants fans in your boys! And don’t tell anyone but I would react just like M3 if I had seen the trophy!!! Take care!!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      HA! That’s awesome that you wouldn’t contain yourself if you witnessed that trophy! We were all pretty pumped, but M3 expressed it the best! Of course my boys are Giants fans -cuz that team is great!
      I remember when U2 was in San Francisco!! I’m pretty sure I saw it on the news when he spray painted the fountain. I remember being bummed and everyone being freaked out by it. It all got ironed out and I still love U2. I wish I had that day in my memory banks -I’m so happy to know someone who does! By the time I’m ninety my memory will be so bad, I’ll just tell my grandkids I was there. They’ll never know! -And that will be one more way that I turn to the Dark Side. Ha!
      Thanks for sharing your memories here -that’s a great one!

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