Therapon is Just What My Skin Needed

I passed the 40-year-old mark years ago and am about a month away from officially traveling one more complete rotation around the sun, and my skin was starting to show it. Years ago I told myself I needed to do something to take better care of my skin other than just washing it with the harsh soap that sat beside my sink. Yep, the same soap I used for my hands, I used on my face. Gasp! How terrible! I know. I know….

I got to the point where my skin looked tired. Raising my three boys and working part time, I knew I felt tired, but I hated knowing my skin showed how I felt. Friends gave me skin care samples to try, but I never would commit to a certain line of products. I’m lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin, I hate shopping, and we don’t have any large, major department stores in my town where I can buy, or try, brand label skin care products. This created my perfect tri-fecta of skin abuse.

Then the stars aligned. I met the delightful Romy Raves at the Creative Alliance Conference who later invited me to dinner with some lovely ladies to learn about Therapon Skin Products. I needed serious help, so this seemed a perfect solution for me.
At the dinner, the gorgeous Therapon representative, Christina Stumbaugh, told us about the product line and the company. The creator of the products, Dr. Beckman, began his skin research on his burn victim patients who were having problems with skin elasticity. He created a skin care system to help their skin recover from surgery and trauma. This doctor has definitely done his homework and created products that had the potential to make a difference for my skin.

Therapon generously gave me their Skin Renewal System to sample, but I donated it to our local women’s shelter. I figured someone there deserved a little TLC. I decided to buy a set of products myself to give them a try. You could say I put my money where my face is.

I love these products! I’ve used them for about two months and waited to write a review because I wanted to be sure I could give them the Calandro Clan Seal of Approval -and I give it whole-heartedly (whole faced-ly?). My skin feels softer and looks less tired. It’s not a miracle cure -I still have my deep wrinkles “where smiles have been” (as my Grandmother used to say), but I can definitely see and feel a difference. Over time, I expect to see even more improvement.

There are four steps in the process, but each is important and doesn’t take a long time. I’m all about time-efficiency, and couldn’t commit to something that took more than a few minutes every day. Minimal time investment, big results. Perfect!

The only part of the system that needs supplement is the products do not contain sunscreen, so I use my own daily facial sunscreen. No big deal for me and worth the extra step. Therapon sells their own sunscreen and when my current product runs out, I plan to purchase it to make my skin care system complete.

My only regret is I didn’t find out about this skin care system sooner. If you are looking for products to make a difference in your skin, Therapon could be just what your skin needs. Thank you, to both Romy and Therapon, for coming into my life at the perfect time!

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  1. Christina

    Eileen – this is such a marvelous review! It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and spend a little time with you! Hopefully we will cross paths again soon – hmmmm….from the sound of your review – I may not even recognize you :) Thank you for keeping “real beauty” real!


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