Don’t Say This on Twitter

I love twitter. I hang out there quite a bit between chatting with folks for work and jumping into conversations with friends for pleasure. About a year ago I got my toes painted and posted the photo on my twitpic account. This sparked a fun conversation with friends about the joy of a good pedicure for my runner’s feet.

Last week I got my toes done and, once again, posted a photo on twitter. I got a few friendly comments and then the conversation got creepy. A few folks with *interesting* twitter handles found my photo and offered to do things to my toes other than a pedicure.


I know anyone can see what I’m saying out there, and, usually, that’s fine. However, it reminded me who is listening: Everyone. And this time, someone joined my conversation in ways I had no interest in discussing.

When the LOML and I jumped into the twitterverse years ago, we promised we wouldn’t swear, spread negativity, or say anything we wouldn’t say to someone in person when talking on that account. Now the account is mostly my voice, but I still keep these promises. Based on what happened last week, I to expand my parameters a bit. Feet? Really? Okay, if I thought about the fetish folks out there, I might have thought of it and avoided it. Still, though, ew.

I guess in the future I’ll type “t0es” when I discuss my next pedicure on twitter. Or I won’t use the word “feet” because I’m pretty sure that word is what started the problems in the first place. Better yet, I’ll probably just text a photo of my multi-colored nails to a friend instead. (Yes, for this pedicure I chose five different colors –I’ll explain why in another post.)

So, unless you want folks offering to do things to your metatarsals, keep those conversations off twitter. I know that’s my plan for the future. I could create a private twitter account, but I’m not at that point yet. It’s nice to know I have that option if I ever want it.

So what other topics or words should I keep out of my twitter stream? Because obviously my naiveté needs a little help. Thanks in advance for bringing me up to speed.

Note: I didn’t include a photo in this post ~I figure I got enough interesting comments to last me a while!

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  1. Lizz

    It’s crazy what can get attention on there! I once (jokingly) called my friend a “Belieber” and we both had dozens of “JustinBeiber4Eva” followers within hours! Don’t ask what happened when I accidentally used the word e-r-o-t-i-c-a when talking about writing with someone! Eeeew! LOL


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