Moms, Milk Cartons, and Worry -Happy Mother’s Day!

Whenever I buy milk, I always check the expiration date on the milk carton. When I was pregnant and the date on the milk carton was the exact date as my due date, it freaked my freak! I remember thinking, “I might be pouring this milk as a Mom!” And that’s when I started panicking.

Okay, I panicked before that, too. Lots of times. Of course I did! I was growing a person inside me. There were so many things that could go wrong! I’m a worrier, capable of winning every gold medal if the Olympics established worrying as an sport. Becoming a Mom gave me a lot to worry about. As I read that date on the milk carton and started panicking, I didn’t know Motherhood would give me three boys who would help me on my path to becoming a World Class Worrier for the rest of my life.

Lucky me.

I mean it. I am lucky. And blessed to have boys I care about so much about that I will worry myself sick sometimes.

The LOML teases me and says, “Worry is negative prayer.”

He’s right. Worrying takes me away from where I am in the present and takes me to the future into What If Land. Like the date on a milk carton, worrying tells me when things might go bad.

But things might turn out just fine. And most of the time it does.

This Mother’s Day I’ll try to live in the present day and not worry about what might happen. I’ll focus on consuming the day before it has the chance to go bad in the carton.

Hopefully, I can stretch this attitude beyond Mother’s Day at bit and move project it into my other days. It’s definitly worth a try.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Moms out there! And don’t worry about anything, we all certainly can consume that milk before the date printed on the carton.

(I wrote more about milk cartons and Mother’s Day on where I’m the Chief Mom Connector. I didn’t write about the worrying, though, I wrote about a belly-bump that happened in the middle of the street on my first Mother’s Day. It was a really cool moment and one of my favorite Mother’s Day memories. I hope you’ll check it out and I hope you like it!)

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  1. jessica

    I too focus way too much on the future. Less and less b/c that is the one benefit of being in your forties. Suddenly, you just don’t care quite as much and you trust the universe just a bit more


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