I Will Always Appreciate the Stay-At-Home-Dads

Here's M2 -he's still a climber and proud of it. I can accept that.

One of my favorite stories about a Stay at Home Dad involves my friend Duane who is an amazing photographer here in SLO. When M2 was two years old, Duane and I were in a Parent Participation class together. Duane has a gorgeous daughter and you all know what I have: NOT what Duane has. Times three.

Anyway, M2 climbed everything all the time, including a small, soft structure inside the classroom. The other Moms freaked out as M2 scaled it and flipped off backwards, repeatedly. He didn’t hurt himself, stuck the landing each time, and had a massive grin of accomplishment and pride.

I admit, I freaked out, too. He was going to hurt someone! He was going to hurt himself! Why couldn’t he just play like the other kids? Why was I losing my hair? (Actually, I knew the answer to the last question.)

Duane is one of three boys. He assured me and everyone else what M2 was doing was perfectly normal. He even encouraged it and wasn’t freaked out at all. He thought it was awesome and helped all the other Moms in the class feel more comfortable about M2’s affinity for climbing, including me. I am forever grateful to Duane for his Dad perspective and ability to teach everyone around him it would all be okay.

I wrote this over on Mom Central about another SAHD friend of mine. I’d love to know what you think. Do you include SAHDs in your park play times or activities? Do you talk with them about how things are going at home? Do your SAHD friends feel appreciated by their spouses? 

Thanks for your feedback and conversation. I’m forever grateful to Duane and thoroughly appreciate SAHDs.  They’re the ones who understand where my boys are coming from better than I ever can and improve my realtionship with my boys as we hang out together. I will always be grateful for their perspective.

The LOML and I keep looking for that bag of money so he can stay home with our sons like he did when M1 was little. He loved it and he was fantastic with him. I always say, the LOML is a better wife than I will ever be.


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