Hooray! It’s our 3d Panaversary!

A guest post by John.

Say Cheese!

Dear Panasonic,

Sometimes thank you just isn’t enough. How do you show appreciation to someone who changes your life in ways you could never have imagined? That their presence enhances everything you do and makes it better, easier and more fun than you thought possible? This question becomes even more difficult when there is not a single person to say this to, but an entire company.

Three years ago our family was chosen to be a Panasonic Living in HD family. (Click the links to read about our first and second year and the changes this program brought to our lives.) Today, we are no less astounded by what has happened to us than we were on the first day. If anything, we are more appreciative than ever.

Last year, we were given an upgrade to our Panasonic equipment. The good people at Panasonic had shown our neighborhood what 3D was going to look like the year before, and were now giving us the opportunity to share it with others in our home. Greg Harper came once again to install an incredible new 50″ 3D plasma television and a 3D blu-ray player. In addition, we were given a 3D video camera, and a new Lumix GH2 camera with a 3D lens.

Our world, which had been blown wide open in HD, changed drastically again with the addition of 3D. I know many people think 3D is a gimmick- that’s because they haven’t experienced it. We immediately realized what powerful tools we had in our hands and knew exactly what we wanted to do with them.

Thanks to our Panasonic 3D television and blu-ray player, our weekly Pizza Night has achieved new levels of awesome. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, the glasses are not a problem at all. We love putting on our glasses and sharing a movie every Friday night. They create a stereoscopic image with outstanding full HD clarity and enhace the movie experience. They do, however, keep us from multitasking while watching movies with the kids. This simple fact has returned us to the original intent of Pizza Night- be present with the family and share a movie. The boys love having friends over to experience the 3D on Pizza Night and we love that their friends want to be here.

3D video has enhanced our lives and our ability to make and create memories. We have taken our cameras to our children’s school events, on hikes through Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon, down ziplines through a pine forest and to a local animal preserve to film ourselves feeding elephants. Regular video would have captured the experience, 3D puts us back in the experience. We relive the elephant’s trunk reaching out to grab the carrot from our hands, passing under the delicate arch, seeing our child sing with his class; the video could not be more real. The 3D still photographs are even more amazing. The memories we capture of our children become dioramas, rather than simply flat images.

This summer, we took the 3D camera equipment to Eileen’s grandmother’s house. Her grandmother had passed away long ago and this was our first opportunity to bring our boys to the home where Eileen spent every Christmas and many weeks every summer. Our goal was to capture the house as she remembered it, 3D gave us that opportunity. We took 3D stills of everything- the gardens, the staircase, the view from the upstairs window in the room where Eileen and her sister had slept as children, the overhead light that she had stared at every night before falling asleep. These little things in a regular photograph inspire memories. In 3D, they provoke a more powerful, visceral reaction. It is no longer a picture of the view through the window, it IS the view through the window. Thanks to Panasonic and these 3D products, these memories are now frozen in time and (the illusion of) space forever.

We finally got to bring the boys to the house but, better yet, we brought the house back home with us.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness of the people in the Panasonic community. We got to meet the engineering team from Japan who built our television and ask questions of them.  It was an amazingly enriching experience for our boys to meet and ask questions of the people who designed the television they loved to watch. The team wanted to hear our opinion of their work, and listened when we suggested improvements or upgrades. We even went with them to our local Costco to answer their questions about marketing and packaging. It was an honor to have our opinions be so valued.

The many other families still active on the LiHD site have proven themselves to be wonderfully supportive and generous. They share our Panasonic experience and consistently inspire us by how they use their technology. One of the “3D” Living in HD families who lives in our state, (Timnevan on the LiHD site) take amazing photographs and video. They came down to spend time with us, let us pick their brains about all things photography and helped me get my G2 to take the amazing pictures it does! We’ve Skyped with them via our television and ejnoy them as part of our Panasonic family. We have had dinner with another LiHD family, the Nielsons (but unfortunately didn’t get to join them on their family vacation). We haven’t managed to pull off our LiHD family reunion yet, but we’re not done with that dream!

Thank you isn’t enough to show the appreciation for how our lives have changed. In the past three years, Panasonic has taught us that the purpose of technology is to enhance our lives. When you have the right tool for the job, everything is easier and better. Since we became a Living in HD family, we have had opportunities to travel, give to others, meet people, and share our lives. Our Panasonic products are the right tools to capture the moments that connect us to others.

We are honored to have been selected to use your products. We are honored to associate ourselves with your mission, and we will continue to share our experiences with everyone we can. It’s the least we can do for a company that has given us technology with the ability to open our world.


The Calandro Clan

LiHD family #39

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