Ellen Degeneres and Jodi Fisher, I Heart You

I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan of Ellen Degeneres for decades. I’ve been to The Ellen Show (Which was an amazingly fun experience. And I came out of it with my favorite I’m-going-for-a-run-to-clear-my-mind t-shirt. That’s a photo of it over there. <—). And I saw her perform at our performing arts center here at Cal Poly. I love her kind, generous heart and her sense of humor. I love what she stands for and how she conducts herself.

I’ve been a fan of Jodi Fisher for a much shorter time, but it doesn’t mean I admire her spirit and heart any less. I’ve been a fan of Jodi’s ever since I saw her giving away free ice cream on her birthday. (I know! How cool is that? See why I’m her fan?!?)


You don’t know who Jodi Fisher is? Oh my. She’s beautiful! She lives here on the Central Coast in Cayucos and has become a local celebrity. Unfortunately, her celebrity-status comes at a price. She’s famous for crossing items off her “Fun List” as she faces a losing battle with cancer without any chance of a cure.

She celebrated her 44th birthday by driving around town in an ice cream truck giving away free ice cream for the day. Our local news station and local paper shared her story and hightlighted a few items on her Fun List. One of the items was going to The Ellen Show.

Well, the folks at the show heard about this (I assume the folks who work for Ellen are as amazing as she is. This proves me right.) and they invited Jodi to the show. Not only did Jodi watch the show from the audience, Ellen interviewed her. They sat and chatted up on stage together. (Hello! Chatting with Ellen?!? I would have gushed and behaved like an idiot. I know -Shocker!)

Ellen complimented her on her positive energy and bright sparkle in her eyes. These two fabulous women got along wonderfully (not surprising!) -they both share that “Always use your powers for good” attitude the Calandro Clan loves.

A thought so nice I’ll say it twice: I love Jodi Fisher. She’s rocking my world lately and making me think about a lot of things.

I’ll be celebrating my 44th birthday soon. I’m the same age as Jodi. I’m assuming I have decades of birthdays left to celebrate. What if I didn’t? What if I knew when my time would be up? What if I knew the length of that countdown? We all know we have limited time and I forget it way too often. I choose to ignore the idea that I won’t be here forever and get upset by how people behave in parking lots (reference to my last post, people). I know life is short. I know it can be gone in an instant. Yet I choose to let the small stuff get me down sometimes.


When Jodi appeared on The Ellen Show, Sara Lee gave her a check for $30,000 for her kids’ college education. Would Jodi trade that $30,000 to see her kids graduate from college? I’m sure she would, in less than a heartbeat. But that’s not happening for her. I cried when they presented the check to her. (Yes, I cried. No, It’s not that time of the month. Stop that!) It’s a big, generous gesture, yet so small in the big scheme of things. You aren’t Sara Lee, but if you want to donate to the Fisher family, you can, too.

Jodi makes me realize I take way too many things for granted and sweat the small stuff entirely too much.

What am I doing with my time here? (I’m currently staring at a computer screen. And I do that a lot. Hmmm. Makes me think.) Am I making the difference I want to make in this world? (My embarassed answer is: not as much as I’d like.) Am I tackling my “Life List” as if there’s only a short amount of time left? (No. A lot of the things require a passport and a bag of  money. Neither of which I have. Maybe it’s time to look at that list again and change it up a bit.) How would I behave if I had an incurable disease and knew my time would be up soon? (I bet I probably wouldn’t be as gorgeous and gracious as Jodi. Probably more along the lines of Pity Party, party of one.)

Jodi, I hope you complete your Fun List and I’m sending you a check to help. Put it into your bag of money and tackle that list! And know you have the support of the Calandro Clan in all you do. Blessings to you and yours.

Thank you for reminding me about what’s important.


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  1. Terri Schroeter

    Please have jodi read the book “the healing codes”. I believe it will heal her in many ways

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