Moved to Write About Meathead Movers

When living in a college town, there’s always the chance you could live next to college students. The students may be loud, insensitive to neighbors, and inconsiderate. Or they can enrich and enhance where you live, just like any neighbors would.

We used to live next to a house inhabited by students and the experience was wonderful. They had a drum set in their garage ~I know what you’re thinking ~that is the kiss of death for next door neighbors! ~but with these guys, it was an asset.

Anytime the garage stood open, it was the signal the guys were home and also a welcome mat for my, then, two-year-old son. M1 would toddle over there (he’s never been shy) and greet the guys. They would let him bang on their drums, wander through their house, ask endless questions (some things never change) and they just hung out with him.

M1 looked forward to time spent with these neighbors and they always welcomed him into their home. They generously said, “No problem ~Really! He’s cool! He can come over any time.” These guys meant what they said. They were wonderful neighbors.

We got to know each other during these walk-abouts with M1 in their home. I learned they were all on the wrestling team at Cal Poly and one was starting a business here in town with his brother (the brother didn’t live there at the house). The business was Meathead Movers and Evan Steed was the most welcoming gentleman of the bunch.

Through the years, the Meatheads moved away and were replaced with neighbors who wouldn’t give any of us the time of day. The new neighbors were rude, loud, and drove recklessly around the neighborhood, not caring who lived around them. We all mourned the moving of the Meatheads, especially M1.

Even though they aren’t our neighbors anymore, I still feel a closeness and affection for this group of guys. I’ve watched with pride as their business took off and the Steed brothers kept proving what I already knew ~they are good people.

When I attended the Stand Up For Autism event and saw the Meathead Movers truck parked in front of the venue, I had to ask one of the guys, “What are you doing here?”

If I’d given it a bit more thought, I should have realized the Meatheads were here to offer support to the event. Because that’s how these Meatheads move through life. They do the right thing. They help our community; they give back.

The Meathead Movers were  passing out programs at the doors to the amphitheater, loading and unloading heating lamps and other items used at the event, and they were there to lend support to a meaningful cause.

Of course they were. From letting my two year old feel welcome, to helping in our community, the Meathead Movers show us how to use our powers for good.

Great job, Evan. I wish you continued success. And M1 is proving to be a helpful kid with a strong back and terrific work ethic. When he’s old enough, where do you think I’ll encourage him to seek employment? You can bet he’ll be knocking on your Meathead Movers’ door in a few years, but this time it will be for a job, not just to bang on your drums.

Thanks for always using your powers for good, Meathead Movers! You make our community a better palace to live. I wish you continued success.

Just so ya know, this isn’t a sponsored post. I wrote this because I’ve admired Evan and his Meathead team for years. They continue to support causes they believe in and be the great gentlemen they showed me they were when I first met them. 

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