My Oscar Award-Winning Thank You to George Clooney

Here's my man, George. Yep. I took this photo. If you use it, please give me credit, m'kay? Thanks.

You know I adore the LOML. (Hello! I call him the Love of My Life.) John is an amazing husband, terrific father, he makes me laugh, he supports my wacky ideas, and is always ready for an adventure.


I’ve got a mad crush on George Clooney.

My in-laws read this blog (yes, they are two of my faithful, six readers ~bless them) -so let me clarify -I have no idea what I ever did to deserve to be married to your wonderful son, and I’d do it all again -gladly- because he is tremendous. George Clooney is amazing, though. He just is.

And so is your son.

And so is George Clooney.

Thanks to my tremendous job at Mom Central and jcpenney, I got to experience the Red Carpet at the Oscars a few weeks ago. My awesome sister and I sat in the bleachers and screamed at every star we saw as they came walking down the Red Carpet.

Okay. So maybe I did most (all) of the screaming (because I’m a complete spaz) and maybe my sister remained composed because she’s all Grace-Kelly-like and elegant and stuff. I’m not. I screamed my head off and practically lost my voice by the end of the afternoon.

We saw Meryl Streep, Jason Segal, one word: Spielberg, Tina Fey (I know! I LOVE HER!), Glenn Close, Kristen Wiig and the cast of Bridesmaids, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, the entire cast The Help, the “Dictator” and his entourage, Ryan Seacrest, Sandra Bullock, Brad and Anjelina (and yes, I saw that LEG), Colin Firth, countless other stars, and some I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t recognize, and last but never described as least, we saw George Clooney.

When George walked in front of our section of the bleachers, we all started chanting “George! George! George!” He motioned for us to wait -he’d be right back. He had to do an interview with Robin Roberts from ABC first.

Oh, okay, George. We’ll be right here. Not going anywhere.

He finished his interview, turned around and walked toward our section. He unclipped the ropes that created the boundary for the bleachers and THEN HE WALKED RIGHT UP TO US. My sister and I sat in the fourth row, so he was as close to me as my driver’s seat in my lovely minivan (I always tell you, you’re jealous I drive one. You should just admit it.) to the van’s back row where my children sit so I can’t swat at them while I’m driving.

He was THAT close.

He grinned, signed autographs, shook hands, embraced one woman’s daughter’s green, fluffy teddy bear long enough so she could take a photo, and then he smoothly, casually moved on.

And I screamed my head off like a teenage girl in the 60’s who came down with a serious case of Beatlemania. I even surprised myself at how much I lost it. (I’m usually so composed. -HA!)

*Okay -insert a page break here or something.* I wrote all the beginning of this post about two weeks ago and it’s been sitting in my drafts folder (Yep -I’m a procrastinator. Shocker.). Lately, George has given me a bigger reason other than the Academy Awards to hit the “publish” button:

This week George’s crossing boundaries and borders one more time: He’s speaking out about the atrocities happening in the Sudan. He appeared on Hardball along with John Prendergast, the creator of Enough, to report about what’s happening in this region of the planet. Ann Curry interviewed him on the Today Show and he was just arrested for protesting in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington this morning.

So now I have even more of a mad crush on George. He was gracious and personable at the Oscars. He made our section of the bleachers feel special. (Thank you for that. And thanks for another fun story to tell at parties when I want to bore people by talking about myself. “Enough about me. What do YOU think about me?!?” *sigh*) Now George is using his powers for good. And I think a philanthropic spirit is sooooooo sexy. Even more sexy than a sense humor. And George has both. Be still my heart. 

Here’s what he said at the end of his interview on the Today Show: “We are only successful as a human race by how we look out for the people who can’t look out for themselves.” He deserves a standing ovation for that quote. Well said.

Keep fighting the good fight, George, and thank you for working to make our world a better place. When we meet, I promise to keep myself under control. I’ll only be screaming on the inside. (Yep. I typed WHEN we meet. I’m putting it out there. Folks say that’s how you make stuff happen. Prepare yourself, George.)


Disclaimer: This blog post was read, approved, edited and laughed-at-loud-at by the LOML. I told you he was amazing!

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  1. Joann

    He IS awesome. Period.

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