SLO Swap-o-rama-rama to Benefit PEAK

I hate to shop. There. I said it.

I also hate fashion. There. I said that, too.

But I love style. I might be wrong, but I think fashion and style are different things. I love seeing people who look original, creative, and artsy. They’re probably wearing a cool, long, skirt with old, faded, worn-in cowboy boots and a big-ol’ belt and they look sooooooo… cool. I’d wear that and just look like an idiot. Or I’d look like I was trying too hard. The person who can wear that -and it just looks right and not stupid -has style. And I love that.

Here’s what bugs me about the fashion thing: I hate someone telling me what the “in” color is for Spring. Orange, tangerine, melon, citrus, whatever. I like green. I’ve loved that color for decades. When that color is “in”, I’m in. When it’s not. I’m not. So what. And now I’m old enough to see the neon and flashdance trend coming back around. Oh no -I already did that. I’m not doing it again. See? Fashion: different than style.

All my six, loyal readers know something else I love: An awsome way to support a great cause. (If you’re new around here -welcome! -in the Calandro Clan our motto is “Always use your powers for good.” So now you’re in the know.) The way to support this cause is by shopping -and I still love it! -that’s how awesome it is.

Because it’s not really shopping. It’s SWAPPING and it’s happening in SLO and it’s benefiting an amazing organization called PEAK. Ever heard of it? NO!?! PEAK grants scholarships to kids so they can participate in after-school, extra-curricular programs. (I know! Very cool.) The event is called the Swap-o-rama-rama and it’s a way to help PEAK, get some new clothes, and have a great time doing it.

All you have to do to participate in the SLO Swap-a-rama-rama 2012 is bring a bag of clean clothes you want to swap, pay your entrance fee at the door or buy your pre-sale ticket, and come away with cool, new-to-you clothes.

Wait! There’s more! Remember how I said I love style? Here’s what’s the best part of the Swap-a-rama-rama: you can change the clothing to fit your style. Silkscreeners will be there to add designs to clothing, folks who sew can change a cool pair of pants into an even cooler pair of shorts, or you can make crafty changes yourself with the guidance of experts. And you leave with clothes that aren’t just swapped -they’re styled just for you!

I forgot to mention there will be live music from the Zongo All-Stars! Now you really have to go. Music, clothes, creativity, friends, benefitting a great cause -it’s all there in one location on June 2 starting at 11AM at C.L. Smith Elementary School in San Luis Obispo.

So head over there and get your style going, or your fashion on, or whatever you want to do. Just go. Support a great cause and remember: always use your powers for good -like Susan Westwood, Louise Kraemer, and Melanie Mills of PEAK. Way to go, ladies!

If you’re not from SLO, but think this sounds like a cause you’d love to support, you can still donate to PEAK by checking out this page. If you want information about planning your own Swap-orama-rama go here to get some details and here to see where a Swap-o-rama-rama may be coming to your area.

Comments (8)

  1. maggie b.

    Hooray for PEAK!
    And for the record, I like your style, my friend!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      I think I should start paying you for the comments you leave here. I know you take payment in beer and wine, right? Works for me! Thanks, friend -when I get dressed in the morning I think “What would Maggie B. wear?!” ;) And I thought of you when I wrote about style -you’ve definitely got it!

  2. Allison

    Celia & I are very excited about the swap-o-rama. Will you be strutting your green style at the swap? Hope to see you!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Allison -you crack me up! I’m going to try to strut my non-stylish-green-wearing stuff there -we have family in from out of town so I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m looking forward to seeing all the styles on Monday!

  3. Susan

    Thanks for the plug, Eileen! I’ll spread your post, too. See you there–in green, of course.

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Wahoooo! Everything is better in green, isn’t it? I certainly think so. Thanks for all you do, Susan!

  4. Anna Lillian Mercado

    Thank you so much for your support of PEAK and SLO Swap-O-Rama-Rama 2012. We love your post!!! Zongo All-Stars play from 2 to 4 but our event starts at 11am so see you June 2nd!!!

    1. Eileen (Post author)

      Thanks for the correction of info, Anne! I’ve made the change in the body of this post and appreciate the feedback. I hope the event is a huge success!


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