Life is a Dream at Cars Land: Disney California Adventure

You leave the real world behind when you enter Cars Land

You all know I’m an absolute car-nut, right? Sure you do. I drove a race car for my -ahem -fortieth birthday, drool over classic cars, raced drove a 1969 Firebird all through high school, watch car auction and car makeover shows as often as possible, and finally met Chip Foose for a memorable birthday. I. LOVE. CARS. Needless to say, the Disney-Pixar movie Cars is one of my favorites for Pizza Night. A combination of two of the things I adore -cars and Disney -what a perfect union!So when I got the chance to experience the new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure with a group of fantastic bloggers, I needed somebody to pinch me because I had to be dreaming. (Good thing the three Ms weren’t there -they’ll take any chance they can get to pinch, punch or wrestle!)

Getting my kicks on Route 66!

Kevin Rafferty, senior concept writer-editor for Cars Land said, “It was our mission…to stand on route 66…we wanted you to stand inside the movie.” That’s exactly what happens when you enter this brand new area of the theme park. Just as in the movie, I could see Ramone’s, Flo’s V8 Cafe, the Cozy Cone Motel, Luigi’s Tires, Fillmore’s, and Sarge’s in every detail, just as I’d remembered it. I was standing in the middle of a full length animated feature film!

Walking down the street, I tried to take it all in as I snapped photo after photo. Since I was the only one from the Calandro Clan in attendance, I knew the guys would want a full report when I got home. There were rides in this area, but there was so much to look at, I barely could discern what was a ride, a store-front, or decorative detail. It just felt like walking down the street in Radiator Springs.

Tail fins along Cadillac Range

Looking above the store-fronts and ride entrances, my eye traveled along the mountain range serving as the backdrop to the entire area. But this wasn’t just any mountain range; these mountains were created to look like the tail fins of classic cars. Here’s a fun insider bit of information -they’re Cadillac tail fins and they show the progression of the style of the fin through the years. I love little trivia and details like that!

Our group made a right-hand turn and saw the Radiator Springs Racers track in front of us. Cars were whipping around the track, but sadly, there weren’t any passengers inside them. The ride was having a glitch, it seemed, and we weren’t able to ride it in our scheduled time-frame. It was working later that morning, but I didn’t ride it.

At almost 300,000 quare feet, Radiator Springs Racers is the largest rockwork job in a domestic Disney theme park. Wow!

Honestly, I felt relieved when I heard the ride was having a glitch at the time we were scheduled to experience it. My Mama Guilt Meter was pretty high that day anyway, being at the park without the rest of the Clan. I knew we’d come back soon and ride this adventure (and all of the rides) as a family. We could ride it for the first time together.

In creating the attractions for Cars Land, Disney created entire background stories to enrich the visitor’s experience. In the line for the Racers, guests get a full back-story of how Radiator Springs started. At Flo’s V8 cafe, while you enjoy your meal, you can learn how Flo used to be in a girl’s singing group before she turned restaurant owner, the Luigi’s Flying Tires ride is a celebration of the time Luigi received a shipment of magical floating tires. The stories are endless around Cars Land, making the guests feel connected to a rich history of the area.

Clearly, I loved being there and can’t wait to go again with the entire Calandro Clan. I’m sure we’ll spend hours in this new space, exploring, laughing and sharing adventures that will become part of our memory bank from Disney. And we’ll be sure to visit at night -from what I hear, the neon is outstanding! I can’t wait to stroll down the streets of Radiator Springs, holding the LOML’s hand, while “Life Would Be A Dream” plays in my mind. The boys will be very excited to pinch me when this happens.

Here’s the gang -what a great time we all had together!

Thank you to everyone involved in getting me to experience this dream-come-true day and to the creative minds who made Cars Land come to life.

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Disclosure: I got to go to on this awesome adventure, and got things paid for in the process, but I write from the heart and my opinions are my own.

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