Finding Nemo in 3D: All the Fun of Scuba Diving Without the Anxiety of Wearing a Bathing Suit

All of Nemo’s Friends are back and they’re in 3D!

I haven’t gone scuba diving in over a decade and I love escaping to that underwater world. There’s just nothing like being a guest in a place we’re not supposed to go. Breathing while fifty feet underwater isn’t supposed to happen to humans -that’s what makes it so amazing.

When I first saw Finding Nemo in 2003, I got a craving to travel back to the Great Barrier Reef where I spent days diving in the ocean and swimming in the coral with the most magnificent fish I’d ever seen. Watching Finding Nemo made me remember the beautiul undersea world I’d experienced so long ago.

I knew if Finding Nemo was made in 3D it would be just like I was scuba diving in the theater. Thanks to the efforts of Disney-Pixar and their rerelease of Finding Nemo in 3D, everyone can have the experience of scuba diving and feel like you’re leagues under the sea. You can see the movie in this magical way TODAY and you won’t even need a bathing suit!

How do I know all of this? I’ve already seen it in 3D. (I know! How cool is that?!) Here’s the deal: when I went to Cars Land with the amazing group of bloggers I mentioned in my last post, I also got to see Finding Nemo in 3D as well.

Even though I knew the story, I hadn’t seen the movie in a while and felt excited to see it unfold. I held back from reciting my favorite lines (most of them spoken by my favorite character, Dory, who is voiced by one of my favorite people on the planet: Ellen Degeneres.) and laughed at all the jokes one more time. (“Oh look! Krill!”) The 3D enhances the experience and just makes the movie better.

Second to Dory, my next favorite character is Crush, the uber-cool, wise turtle with his koo-koo-kachoo, righteous attitude. I couldn’t be further away from how he moves through life (duuuuuuude) and I admire anyone with such a laid-back perspective.

One of my favorite shows at California Adventure -it’s righteous!

One of my best memories from scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef was swimming with a giant sea turtle. It moved so effortlessly and smoothly. It wasn’t bothered by us and cruised around for a while as he went on his way. Whenever I watch Finding Nemo I remember this beautiful real-life turtle. Disney-Pixar got it right -if that turtle could have talked, I’m certain it would have sounded just like Crush.

While at California Adventure, I also got a private audience with the bloggers to see Turtle Talk with Crush -what a treat! He swims around on a screen and it seems you’re looking through an aquarium window to have the conversation with him. I love the way he interacts with the audience and makes jokes. When he just happened to ask questions of all three Ashleys in the group, our crowd went wild! Crush made great jokes about this and we loved the personal interaction that happens in every show.

Even though I haven’t been scuba diving in, ummmm, forever, watching Finding Nemo in 3D and experiencing Turtle Talk with Crush put me right back in the Big Blue. Thank you Disney-Pixar for the fabulous other-world adventures.

I always thought the mess from the bath toys came from my kids -now I know better!

Okay, I can hear you -you’ve already seen Finding Nemo before, going again might not be worth it. But wait! Here’s one last thing! Leave it to Disney-Pixar to add a funny short film at the beginning you won’t want to miss. “Partysaurus Rex” is a story about Rex (from the awesome, amazing Toy Story trilogy) and what happens when he ends up in the bathtub. I won’t give anything away but, after you see this short, you won’t look at bathtub toys the same way again.

So grab your scuba gear and head to the theaters this weekend. I double-dog dare you to walk into the movie wearing swim goggles or a scuba mask. I’m totally daring the Ms to see if they’ll do it. They’re such gamers. In true Calandro Clan style, they’ll go for it. If they do, I’ll post a photo. Promise.

Cowabunga, Dude!

Disclosure: I traveled to the Big D (Disneyland) as well as to Disney California Adventure and saw Finding Nemo in 3D before it came out in theaters. I also got meals and stuff, but that doesn’t change the fact that I adore this movie and know you will love it, too. So rip it, roll it and punch it all the way to theaters to see Finding Nemo in 3D -it’s only around for a short while.

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  1. Joann

    Funny you should write this as I AM going scuba diving this Sunday. First time since I got certified over 11 years ago. I will think of Nemo now :)

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