It’s fun to give to the Y-M-C-A

Sing it people!

Hello, oh 6 faithful readers of this blog, it’s John (aka LOML). As a middle school principal, my life revolves around not only teaching my own kids to use their powers for good, but to teach other people’s kids as well.

Anybody who has ever tried to work with middle school students knows it’s not always easy but, luckily for me, my outstanding staff of teachers, librarians, aides, secretaries, and support staff are there to make our students exceptional during the school day.

The secret weapon of our school is the afterschool program run by the YMCA. One third of all our students willingly spend three extra hours at school every day to attend this program. We work on homework, teach them technology skills, teach how to create animation and movies, do improv drama, take them into the community to teach others how to create music and movies of their own, and have a great time doing it. Does it have an impact? See for yourself…

See? I work with awesome kids. Kids who, frankly, are way more insightful and amazing than most people would believe middle school kids could be.

So please use YOUR powers for good and donate to the YMCA of San Luis Obispo County. Click here to donate. Let them know you’re donating to the Academic Cause.

The kids thank you and I thank you.

Comments (5)

  1. Suzette Morrow

    Great job!

  2. Henry D

    This is beautiful and these students are phenomenal! Way to go SLMS YMCA


  3. Cyndi K

    The YMCA program is awesome. Great you tube video!

  4. Shauna Ames

    Love these kids! Great work YMCA

  5. Colleen Poynter

    Oh my goodness, I’m so proud of our kids! Our kids rock theY!!:)


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