Who’s Who in the Zoo


Who's lucky? That would be me.

Eileen: I’m a 44 year old mother of three boys. I was thrown into the social media scene in 2008 when my husband won Panasonic’s Living in HD suite of products. Social media may be relatively new, but I’m certainly not new to being social. My elementary school report cards always used to say, “Eileen needs to learn when it is appropriate to be social.” It looks like I finally learned it. Wahoo! That’s why I call myself a “Professional Talker.” Getting paid to talk is like a dream come true.

Before becoming an ubermom thirteen years ago, I was an elementary school teacher. Before that I went to college for a second time. Before that I was a print buyer for a publishing company. Before that I went to college the first time. Before that I was in high school. You get the picture. But, like everyone else, there’s more to me than the jobs I’ve held, or the schools I’ve attended.

In my spare time (HA!) I paint murals, throw rockin’ parties with the LOML, do wedding flowers, dabble in home decorating, carpool, play quit bunco, run half marathons in circles, do t’ai chi, quit book groups, and get involved with philanthropic organizations I believe in. I’m a busy lady. I’m a spaz. I am the eggman. I am the walrus. I am in need of a nap.

John (Love of My Life -LOML): We met the first night of college at the dorm dance. We were friends for eight -yes, eight!- years before we finally figured that being more than friends would be a good idea. (We’re slow on the uptake.) He’s a junior high school principal which also automatically makes him a saint. He also puts up with me, so that’s like double sainthood. Just ask my Mom.

M1: Our first born son, who is thirteen years old, is the leader of the pack. He enjoys playing played football (pads and everything), basketball, loves electronics, and is super organized. (Just like his mother -right.) He spends way too much time enjoys playing minecraft and portal and he is also a LEGO builder extraordinaire.

M2: Our middle son is nine years old and is the mini-me of my husband. He is freakishly strong (our pediatrician even says so) and is a video game savant. He’s the child who turned me into a Soccer Mom. He started walking at nine months. Pray for me.

M3: The littlest one of the bunch at seven years old, but certainly not one to be underestimated. He’ll take on a kid that’s twice his size and show them who’s boss. He’s fearless, started riding a two-wheel bike when he was three, is a performer and a ham.

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  1. debbie pelletier

    Hope you guys are doing great! Almost Spring Break for us… definitely can use a week’s break from school about now.
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I changed the privacy settings on my blog because we noticed with our stat counter that random people were on the blog and a few had downloaded pictures of the kids, which isn’t good. You’ll now have to log in with your Google account to be able to see the blog… I didn’t block you!!! I think it’s safer this way to know who’s looking and reading!
    Take care! Hope all is well on your side of the country! Haven’t heard much from Panasonic the past year, how about you?



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