Calandro Clan Seal of Approval (PR and Contact Info)

Want us to review your product? Well, we’d love to talk with you, as long as you get to know us a bit first; we won’t do a review for a product if it doesn’t fit for the Calandro Clan. If you want a review of your latest doll or cute line of dresses, move along, this isn’t the blog for you. (Although, M3 has been known to rock a tutu.) If you have a video game, an outside toy, anything with wheels, a product that cleans up LEGOs, or simply want to know if your product can stand up to what our three boys can put it through, maybe we should talk.

Are you a non-profit looking for a shout out for your cause? You’ve come to the right blog. Our motto here is “Always use your powers for good”. We love a good story and believe in paying it forward. Tell us your story and we’ll let you know if -or how -we can help.

One final thing -You do know I have six faithful readers of this blog, right? Still want to talk? Here’s our email: Have your people contact our people.

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