When others write about how they are creating good in the world, I’ll post it here.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Cathy Houck

    Hey there sister-in-law…as you know, I’m not much of a blogger, blog reader, twitterer and I’m not even on Facebook but occassionally I try to catch up with my family through social networking. I’m inspired by your idea to promote good works and write about them.
    I have found through my role as a Property Manager that I have a great opportunity to engage others in volunteerism. I cannot take credit for the good works but I have to say that being a facilitator has been hugely rewarding for me. I am awed by the generosity of my tenants, colleagues, vendors and friends when I simply ask if they would be willing to help. At my building here in San Diego, we have made contributions to the following organizations this year: The San Diego Blood Bank ( a mobile bus pulls up in front of the building and a $5 gift card to the onsite coffee cart motivates the masses), The San Diego Foodbank…who can resist getting rid of canned goods and cleaning out the cupboards once a year? Speaking of cleaning…recently we all cleaned out our closets for “Dress For Success”, an organization that helps women get back in the workforce by providing interview skills and clothes to wear for the interviews. There’s a new Senior Center down the street from our builidng so several groups of us serve lunch once a month and occassionally drop off goodies for bingo night and other events. We have a monthly e-mail about “sustainablity and ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle in the building and at home. The point is, that it’s super easy to come up with low cost/no cost ways to contribute and help. It’s funny how happy people feel after they have made a contribution. I get so many thank you letters for facilitiating these events and that’s the ultimate pay off to me. The words…”thank you” are music to my ears.

  2. Kaleigh

    If you’re not already following J’s Love Project – – you should. She’s doing big things in 2011.

    And this post about going a year without beauty magazines by Hannah –

    And her Love Letter project –

    And this one too:

    I am a big fan of these women. They’re changing things. Hopefully this is somewhere along the lines of what you’re looking for.

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