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“The boisterous, fun-loving, connective, active, engaged, compassionate and simply wondrous Calandro Clan should be number one on anyone’s “family friends I most wish I had” list. Eileen and John both exude personal warmth and charisma, their three boys rock, and the family both gives back to everyone around them while sweeping you along in an irresistible passion for life!” –StacyDeBroff, CEO Mom Central

“Spending time with the amazing Calandro family this past January in Las Vegas was eye opening. Not only were they reasonably new to social media, they were thrown into being the star players at Panasonic’s “Living In HD” experience. They did a great job. Eileen and the entire Calandro Clan are a great example of what can go RIGHT with the use of social media. I’m so excited that Eileen’s started blogging, and I look forward to participating.” –Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents 

We have all heard the word, “home”, but many of us can only understand this word in a very superficial manner. For some, home is where we wake, where we return to at the end of the day and where we sleep at night.

I recently came to the realization, that beyond a shadow of a doubt, the aforementioned definition of home is a sorry one; one that no one should ever solely rely on. This realization was due to my attendance of “Pizza Night” at the Calandro’s (Eileen can fill you in on the details of what that is).

You see, home is not a physical state. It is an idea, or an ideal. Home is a feeling. When you are there, you don’t need to look around at the environment, you just know.

When together, the Calandro family is always home, no matter where they are.

The moment I stepped into the Calandro household, I was home.

Sure, I was not going to rest my head there and spend the night; nor were my blood relatives present; still, the type of people that live in that house embodied the essence or spirit of home; something that no brick, stone or mortar can ever replace. –Adam Broitman, Partner and Ringleader of Circ.us

“The Calandros are the real deal. Connected. Engaged. Plugged In. All around top-class people with passion, creativity and smarts.” –Joe Jaffe, author of Join the Conversation, Chief Interruptor of Crayon

The “Calandro Clan” is one of the most fun, kind and amazing families I have ever met. They truly are the quintessential family and go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to loyalty to not only each other but everyone around them. Eileen and John are a blast; so full of enthusiasm and vigor and I’m so grateful to have met them and established such a great connection with two of the coolest parents I know! –Kate Dickman, Community Manager of LivinginHD.com

“What is this that you are doing again?” –Eileen’s Mom

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